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  1. Hi thanks for your reply.. if i use your bags i cant have a passenger?
  2. Hi, have anyone tried the saddlebag support of Valtermoto? I want a support that doesn't let bags touch any part of the plastics.Thanks! how do you upload pictures
  3. Hi, i accidentally saw on instagram one fz07 with a headlight fender just like the mt09 street rally has .. I searched it and i found that a guy in thailand makes them for 35$ (not 100% sure for this). Whats your opinion?? Nice or not? There is gonna be a high temperatures problem, because it blocks a part of the air that goes to the radiator?? image uploader
  4. alexderbi

    Tail tidy

    You are right if i can't find another piece of plastic i will cut it.. I send an email to tst industries because they are having a nice piece of cnc but they are selling it for 36$+shipping.
  5. alexderbi

    Tail tidy

    Thanks for your reply.. I have thought that too but i was wondering if there is another solution because i dont want to cut the stock fender.
  6. alexderbi

    Tail tidy

    Sorry i didnt make my self clear, this is what i mean I found a picture on the internet
  7. So i bought a handmade tail tidy from a store here in Greece and i would like to ask something. Probably all of you with the ebay,amazon etc tail tidies have the same problem with me, what have you done with the gap left between the bracket and the tail light when you change the yamaha tail tidy? Thanks in advance, Alex image upload

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