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  1. I didn't see you guys I didn't have TOO much time wandering around because I was working the track
  2. I really dig this dudes wind screen! I want one haha
  3. josaa

    Cali pics

    These were taken in Monterey, near 17 mile road
  4. josaa

    NorCal Group Ride

    Few meet ups final destination will be napa and back down to Davis for BBQ from what I've read. My daughters bday party is on Sunday so I won't be able to go We should setup something local for the San Jose/South Bay folk though! I'm always down for Coffee at any time of the day lol. I need some friends who ride who is not my work boss lol
  5. josaa

    NorCal Group Ride

    So from San Jose to Davis? What day?
  6. I've been reading about it on the news. I live in San Jose. I've got friends in Northern Sac area that have been notified they might be evacuated too.
  7. josaa

    Riding Shoes Reccomendation

    So after doing some riding with the TCX X-Square Boots, I've gotta say... my first impression wasn't too good. It felt foreign as I couldn't feel the shift lever on my toe (which I wasn't used to). But after a little riding, I adjusted and these boots feel awesome! Totally worth the money. And they are comfortable to walk around in for a long period of time.
  8. josaa

    Riding Shoes Reccomendation

    I am a newbie rider as well, before I've been using just Vans (I know I know)... I bought the TCX X-Square Sport Boot literally 3hrs ago. I put them on the walk around and they feel like high top Nikes, but offer protection for riding. Definitely comfortable than most of the others that I tried on at my local Cycle Gear shop. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/tcx-x-square-sport-boots
  9. They are super light titanium. Over racing is an awesome exhaust, but totally bling bling for sure.
  10. Webike has them. When I had my grom I got my over racing exhaust from them.

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