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  1. philthyphil

    Strange Wear Pattern New Tire

    I'm finishing up finals for my fall semester at college and haven't had time to deal with it. To be on the safe side I've been just not riding. I'll probably try to get down to the shop who installed the tire this weekend. Today is last day of finals!
  2. philthyphil

    Strange Wear Pattern New Tire

    I didn't mount the tire myself, I had a shop do it, so I'm unaware of whether or not it was difficult to get seated. That picture/article you linked does look allot like the same thing as what I've got going on. I'm gonna have to take it back in and see what the mechanic who mounted it has to say about it I guess.. thanks for the info!
  3. I recently replaced the rear tire on my 2016 FZ 07. The bike had Michelin pilot road 3 on it new, so I opted to replace the worn rear tire with the same tire. I've got about 200 miles on the new tire and I'm noticing some very peculiar looking wear patterns, or something on the tire. It looks like an imperfect channel running almost down the center of the tire, which is souronded on both sides with another weird looking groove or channel. It's kinda hard to explain, so I'll include pictures. I don't recall seeing this type of wear, or whatever it is, on my last Michelin pilot road 3 tire. It almost looks like part of the construction of the tire, maybe where the different compounds are meeting or something? I'm not sure. Has anyone ever seen this, and should I be concerned? Thanks
  4. philthyphil

    Spark Plug - NGK LMAR8A-9 vs LMAR8A-9S

    Just in case any one searching the internet with the same question runs into this forum post, I just want to verify that these two spark plugs are NOT the same. Despite what the tech at the Yamaha Dealer told me, the one with the part number which ends with an S actually has a special gasket on it. It is made for a specific Honda motor. Other than that the two plugs are identical. They just have different gaskets. I see on Amazon where they are selling the same plugs that I bought at the dealership (the wrong ones), that most of the reviewers are people who've used them on FZ 07s. They've all left good reviews, and say that they work fine, but I'd rather stick with the plugs with the correct gasket. So to clarify in simple words NGK / LMAR8A-9 is not the same as NGK / LMAR8A-9S no matter what they say at the dealership. This can be verified on NGK's website.
  5. philthyphil

    Spark Plug - NGK LMAR8A-9 vs LMAR8A-9S

    Awesome, thanks for the info! I'll go see what I can find on NGK's website. Yeah, that was my first thought when I took it out of the box too. I've never seen a spark plug with such a long thread on it. I looked at some pictures online of spark plugs that people took out of their FZ 07s and it looks the same. Hopefully I'm good to go.
  6. I'm getting close to 8000 miles on my FZ-07, so I went to the Yamaha Store where I purchased my bike and bought some of the things that I need for the 8000 mi maintenance. I bought two spark plugs but they have a slightly different part number than what is called for in the manual. The manual calls for NGK/LMAR8A-9. The plugs that they sold me at the dealership have a part number of LMAR8A-9S. So basically the same part number with the exception of the S tacked on the end. The box that the spark plug comes in actually says Honda on it too. I asked the guy at the dealership if they were right, and he claims that they are. He says even though they say Honda on the box they are the same plugs. Have any of you used these particular plugs? Should I be concerned?
  7. philthyphil

    Wrist Pain in Clutch Hand

    Haha, yea it isn't always the nicest weather in the winter here, but its usually doable. I was just super excited with having a new bike and I was riding it come hell or high water. People look at you like you're crazy when they see you riding in 35 degree weather in the rain... lol
  8. philthyphil

    Sitting on Bike While Parked

    I sometimes sit on my FZ 07 while I'm parked and waiting for class to start, an appointment, or what ever. I just sit on the bike in a riding like position with the bike on the kickstand. So the kickstand is holding the weight of the bike with me on it. I weight about 230 lbs. Do you all think this is too much weight for the kickstand to handle? Will it eventually cause me problems?
  9. philthyphil

    Cleaning Front Sprocket

    Its not a big deal but locktite IMO is used for stuff you don't want to come off that plastic cover has 3 bolts holding it on its not going anywhere. It just makes it nicer the next time you have to take it off is all but you have to be careful with all the bolts on this bike always hand start them and make sure they are clean tons of guys have already cross threaded and stripped out blot holes on this bike. I stripped out one on that very same cover lucky there are 3 bolt holes haha PS Ive been a mechanic since 98 and I rarely use locktite ( lock tight is to a mechanic like fix a flat is to a tire guy ) Blue loctite is made to be used on things that you plan on taking off again in the future. It's the red stuff that is meant for permanent holding. The whole reason that I use blue loctite on stuff like this is so when I do tighten it up, I don't have to worry about getting them on there super tight to prevent vibration caused backing out of the bolts. That way I can just snug them up, and I know that the blue loctite isn't going to let them go anywhere. This helps prevent over tightening, without me having to use a torque wrench, and gives me the piece of mind that those bolts are going to stay put. And the blue loctite is easy enough to break free with hand tools next time that area needs servicing.
  10. philthyphil

    Cleaning Front Sprocket

    Oh no..... I never use locktite on that stuff if anything anti seize. Steal bolts in aluminum are always a bad combo they tend to corrode and eat the aluminum. Its fine now but if it were me next time pull them clean them wire wheel ect. put on anti seize before you put them back in ( torque is likely 15 ft lbs or something but don't hold me to it I just snug them) . as often as you are going to remove it you want it to be easy without the risk of damaging it. I figured since they had loctite on them to begin with, that it wouldn't be a bad idea to put (blue) loctite back on them when re-securing them. I did clean them up really well, and put masking tape over the holes where they screw back in while I was cleaning the front sprocket. I'm not too worried about it.
  11. philthyphil

    Cleaning Front Sprocket

    I ended up taking it off today for the first time. Bike has a little over 4000 miles on it. There was a little accumulation of lube piled up in the inside of the cover, and on the little chain guide that's in there, but over all it wasn't too bad. Probably could have just left it alone. I use the dupont wax stuff in the yellow can for lube. At least I know that I only need to do it every 4 or 5 thousand miles now. Thanks for the input! I did end up using blue loctite when re-securing all of the bolts as well.
  12. How often do you all clean the front sprocket on your bikes? I clean my chain up real good about every 500-700 miles or so, but thus far I haven't removed the front sprocket cover and cleaned the front sprocket. I'm at about 4000 miles. Is this something I should have done by now?
  13. philthyphil

    Flat Acceleration

    If the tranny was in 4th or 5th gear, would it still feel the same? My Aprilia has twice the HP and 50% more torque than the FZ. It's also geared taller so runs a full gear lower all the time. It'll run a bit over 4k at 70 mph in 6th gear. But I won't even put it into 6th until it's doing at least 70 cause the motor feels like it's being lugged - it's not, it just feels sluggish. So I do most of my riding in 3rd thru 5th gear on that bike until speeds get well up - it'll do a legit 150 mph. i think what yer experiencing is the same thing. Maybe the pipe and other stuff is accentuating this. Others with the same set-up will have different ride styles that might not result in an issue. Even your weight will influence this - put a passenger on the back and I'll bet this gets far worse. Simple solution is is to downshift and just run another 1k revs. You'll have plenty of power. As for Eco mode - the dash indicator is only telling you that the throttle opening is small - something like 15% or less. Sure there's a map involved - the O2 sensor is likely inputting at those throttle settings as well. But I don't think "eco mode" is special to this or any vehicle. The dash is just telling you you are using less fuel when it's lit Cool, thanks for the pointers. I was kind of thinking that the lugging issue may have been a possibility, because it does happen when the bike is at a lower RMP in 5th or 6th. It doesn't ever sound like the engine is lugging or anything though. From my own testing and experimenting so far, dropping it down a gear and then applying throttle does seem to offer a remedy thus far. It's just weird when I'm cruising along at 70 in 6th gear, then engine doesn't seem to be lugging, and then when I apply throttle without downshifting there is a major delay, and then all of the sudden all of the power just arrives and the bike goes like a bat out of hell. It just doesn't feel right. I'm hoping your right, and it is just something that I'll have to adjust for with my riding style... thanks again for your input, I appreciate it.
  14. philthyphil

    Flat Acceleration

    I run mine with the snorkel out as well. It sounds like we have identical setups. Someone posted earlier in this thread that it may have something to do with eco mode. I think it is definitely a fueling problem that is tied to the ECU.
  15. philthyphil

    Flat Acceleration

    Yea, I'm using 10w40 Mobile One 4t motorcycle oil. The RPMs are going up, and the bike does accelerate, but it's very non-linear. It's like around 5000 rmp the bike just starts to haul ass, and before 5000 rmp the acceleration is very sluggish. This doesn't happen consistently. I don't think it is a clutch issue because my clutch is still very grabby when taking off from a stop, and doesn't seem to give me any indication of slippage. I really think it is a fueling issue. I may try getting in contact with Mel at 2wheeldynoworks and see if he has any suggestions.

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