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  1. howlinhoss

    Oil Containment Belly Pan

    Anyone have photos of this installed? Looking to do this for my track bike.
  2. howlinhoss

    My Naked FZ-07 Track Build

    I don't have an issue at all with my side stand. In that video I can tell the rider is riding crossed up. If he had proper body position the bike would have less lean angles and his camera would be to the left side of the tank. Instead the bike has lean angle and his body stays upright.
  3. howlinhoss

    MD riders

    Thanks for the offer, however I tend to stay away from big rides. Hope you have alot of fun though. Safe ride. Let us know if you want to meet up for some fun weekend riding.
  4. howlinhoss

    MD riders

    I'm located in Silver Spring, MD. I am interested. @mysweetfz07 you down?
  5. Would this work with a DNA filter?
  6. howlinhoss

    My Naked FZ-07 Track Build

    Got any suggestions? I wonder if I would have any comparability issues with the Woodcraft adapter plate I am using.
  7. howlinhoss


    I am an ex Yooper. Lived in Marquette.
  8. Creating this thread to document my half ass FZ-07R build. I am prepping my bike for next track season and as I bolt on more goodies I will add some photos. I have already got my forks done by @pattonme and I have a ktech shock on the way. The bike will stay naked in stock fairings with my Buell head fairing but I will put also on on a rear seat cowl. My ECU is also coming out and will be sent to Nels for a flash. Here is my FZ in its current track form.

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