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  1. afatrat

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    I'd be shocked if it wasn't heavy but apparently they plan on having legit suspension: "Paired with these new engines will be fully adjustable suspension from Showa, Brembo monobloc brakes and sporty Michelin tyres. Harley say the new bikes will also have a proper electronics package and while they won’t be drawn on details we’re expecting lean-angle sensitive traction control, cornering ABS and adjustable rider modes. Of course these three models are just the start." https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/new-bikes/harley-middleweight-range/
  2. afatrat

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    Looks pretty damn good. Can't say they're not trying.
  3. FYI, you can get some clear plastic tubing from a local hardware store and stretch it over the stopper bolts to add some clearance between that foot and the can. I had to do that with the Yosh R-77.
  4. Yea, it's those little wedge bulbs (T10/194/168). I've got this little guy and it's pretty damn bright. Sold at a lot of local auto parts stores.
  5. You're probably right. I didn't realize the revzilla/cycle world first ride review was in Spain so the non DRL's would make sense. Sorry, I was asking about the earlier -09 wiring as the new -07 headlight looks basically identical to the pre-johnny 5, i mean pre-'17, -09.
  6. I've been trying to figure this out as well. From the pictures, I think the headlight itself will probably work without much effort but you will need the turn signal mounts as well as they've been relocated. Also, from what I can tell, the turn signals don't function as DRL's like pre-'18 and there are two parking lights in the new headlight (like the -09) instead of one, which makes me think the wiring harness may be different. Anyone know if the -09 has two separate wires at the harness for the parking lights (as opposed to one connector that feeds both parking lights)?
  7. Would these be Rizomas? Put some on a while back and didn't realize how tiny they were when I ordered. They're bright as hell but they're tiny dots in the daylight. Also, I've noticed nobody ever posts pics/videos of led's in the daylight. Always in a garage or at night (this thread included). Pretty useless.
  8. Unless it's from '92 a gixer 6 will eat the 07 up in everything but maybe 1st gear. I am ecstatic, however, to learn that your tach may have seen the north side of 4k. Come to the dark side, level. It's a lot more fun up here.
  9. afatrat

    Selling my FZ

    It's an EX, not a ZX. I would bet ergos are going to be marginally more forward than the FZ. It's just a slightly bigger ninja 250/300. Makes enough sense. So no one will buy a 400cc "sports bike", but they will buy a 400cc touring bike? Not so sure of the sense that manufactures. You prefer hi-rev engines so you can lowly rev them. What of the sense creation?
  10. Are u trying to take the whole case cover off or just that hex key screw? I remember when I changed my crank case cover, that screw definitely took some ass to get loose. I used a 14mm allen socket with a 1/2in drive ratchet. Make sure the allen is all the way in and bottoms out. If you're trying to take the whole cover off, that allen screw can stay on.
  11. You sure it's just not out of adjustment? This is looking from the back but you just have to turn that nut by hand until the light comes on.
  12. afatrat

    Best Exhaust?

    I like the R-11 but I think this bike looks a lot better with a lower can like the R-77 (one of the reasons I bought it). Was there a noticeable difference when you added the Hordpower Airbox? I have the Yoshi with a reflash and have been thinking about that airbox for a while. I'm not positive but I think the flash is good both ways so I wonder how much of a difference that airbox would make. Edit: I just saw that dyno graph in your thread comparing the Yoshi with Yoshi + Hord. I'd say 10+ hp would qualify as noticeable. Were both those scenarios flash tuned, and if so, do you know if the tuning was the same?
  13. afatrat

    First service

    The list of checks and adjustments are in the owner's manual. TB syncs don't NEED to be done at every service interval (every 4,000 miles after the first 600/1,000) but your TB's will be out of sync. I've opted to get it done every other service but the head tech where I take mine has shown me that they were off after 4,000. Not enough to really notice but out of sync nonetheless. He told me it's very common with these bikes. Same deal with the 8,000 mile spark plug interval. Seems ridiculously short but it's accurate. I didn't do mine until 12,000 miles, mainly because it's a pain in the ass, but they were pretty burnt. Either way a decent shop should only charge 200-250 for the regular service. Also, valve checks are at 24,000 miles.
  14. afatrat

    High speed RPM's

    Not 100% sure (been a while since I paid attention) but that sounds about right. You could just count the teeth. Stock is 16 front, 43 rear.
  15. It says how to reset your average mpg in the owner's manual. I think you just cycle through the display and with the average mpg's blinking, hold the right button until it resets. Either way that read out is rarely accurate for me. I just calculate it at the pump. Ringing it out I still get 45-50 mpg ('murican).

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