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  1. Looks like a 3D printing job for an extender.
  2. robbo10

    WindScreen Dilemma!!

    I will not fit one, but I have begun to think that a clear screen preserves the bike's looks best.
  3. I also put a ferrule (from end of a walking stick) on each bar end to save any scrapes there. A handlebar lever can be scraped too but I think you just have to put up with that.
  4. I always brim it. Keep dripping it in till it looks like it's done - up to the inner plate. I also block up the bike to near vertical to squeeze more in. Never had a splash when closing the cap. I always fill up when there's more riding to do (unavoidable anyway). No probs yet.
  5. robbo10

    Greeting from Croatia - MT 07

    You will find that there are a lot of discussions of suspension on here. Seats is another common one. Then there is pipes and cans. A search should give you lots to read. Welcome and good luck.
  6. robbo10

    New old guy

    The bike fits this old geezer too. When I was anticipating it from Yamaha, I was hoping for 70/60/50 - bhp/mpg uk/torque. It has met or exceeded all fhree. Lightness thrown in too. Enjoy.
  7. robbo10

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    I wonder where it will be made. Have they told us? If outside the US that might affect pricing opportunities. And now there's a phoney trade war going, on, different choices may be made.
  8. robbo10

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    It looks great - the opposite of laid back. And its advantage against the MT-10 is it is a twin. I wish Harley good luck with it, they need a completely different additional range. It reminds me of the Glynn Kerr design for the Yam TDM 900 which was never taken up (sadly).
  9. My seat pad is for my sit bones and no flesh bunching at the back. It is smaller than the original seat. Not much room for manoeuvre but it works for me. I can and do sit slightly off it to the rear for a change. Changing feet on peg placement to and from the balls of feet brings general relief, I find.
  10. robbo10

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    There is more info here: https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/new-bikes/harley-davidson-new-models-2020/
  11. robbo10

    What bike would you like to test ride?

    A Harley V-Rod. The price will ensure I am not tempted!
  12. I have checked their website. You have to go into a bike where you can find specs; for example, Niken. Then on lower right of page there is " How did we develop the Niken". Click on that and you can read about that, and you can also see on the right hand side they ask what you think of the Niken. That takes you into a survey. They will also ask you about your bike. e.g.- https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/designcafe/en/index.aspx?view=article&id=731981&fromurl=https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/uk/products/motorcycles/niken/niken.aspx&fromsite=Yamaha Motor UK There are usually a couple of bikes they are asking about.
  13. Yes it is. They ask for feedback on specific bikes. It is not always easy to find on the site - even searching does not necessarily reveal it. But it is there.
  14. I work on the idea that if you cannot go wide, you have to go up.
  15. Fitted grip puppies because I also bought them for my Honda Rebel which really needs them. From here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sportouring-Handlebar-Grip-Puppies-Grips/dp/B00CP9ADD8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500457625&sr=8-1&keywords=handlebar+grip+puppies

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