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  1. That lift I use is just the cheap hydraulic pump one from Harbor Freight tools. It was a lifesaver on this project. I only raced one weekend last summer, and thankfully it was the weekend AP was at the track with us. I had a few issues, including my idle being too low and the bike stalling seconds before my 2nd race of the day. We attributed the stall due to high ambient temp, and the low idle. Also having issues with my quickshifter not working, but we think that just might be the connection in the ECU plug. The bike was fantastic otherwise, I'm just really, REALLY rusty. Work, and now school, are really getting in the way of me having any sort of fun.
  2. Here it is without any vinyl. Painter knocked it out of the park
  3. I went with the EBC Sintered HH pads. Not the $80 super high performance ones, but the $40 ones.
  4. Lots accomplished today. New brake lines, brake pads, throttle tube, and swapped coolant today.
  5. I dropped bodywork off at the painter's right before he went on vacation. Had to finish his engine rebuild on their second vehicle (body off on Ford Excursion), then he was going to get started. I imagine that would be any day now, if he hasn't started already.
  6. As it turns out, the tube I ordered has a factory defect, so I just ordered the actual Yamaha part number through Amazon. Peeled that stock grip off and put on some Motion Pro grips. Spent this morning in the garage (before running out of propane) finishing up the rearsets. All I have left to do is shorten up the line between the rear master and reservoir and those will be totally finished. Also arriving in the mail this week was my windscreen (stock R1), custom Spiegler brake lines (red line/black fitting, and main line 3" shorter), and a bikemaster lithium battery. Getting close to the end!
  7. henks

    Quick turn throttle?

    Well dangit. You wouldn't happen to know the part # without the grip on it then, would you?
  8. henks

    Quick turn throttle?

    Just ordered the Motion Pro 01-0094 (R6 throttle tube) and some grips. Hoping for a good short throw.
  9. Just ordered the Motion Pro 01-0094 (R6 throttle tube) and grips. Hoping for a real short throw with that tube. I'll report how it feels once I get it installed.
  10. Yep. Seemed like that was the only way fitment would be right.
  11. I've been keeping a progress thread on FB, but figured since I'm new here, I'd share what I've done. This is a SS build, so no motor work. Starts off as a 2016 FZ-07. Installed (as of 3-18-17): - Andreani fork cartridge kit - Woodcraft clip ons (black tubes) - Red Pazzo levers - Woodcraft frame sliders - AP MotoArts relocation brackets for ECU/Voltage Regulator - AP MotoArts race bodywork mounting brackets - Yoshimura engine case covers - Yoshimura full exhaust with SS can and works header - K-Tech Razor R shock - AP MotoArts rear shock link - AP MotoArts rearsets - ECU (flashed by FlashTune) - Quickshifter (GP shift) - Vortex racing locking gas cap - Spiegler stainless steel braided brake lines (red coating/black fittings) - R6 throttle tube w/MotionPro grips I also have the bodywork, rearsets, and rear shock here at my place, and exhaust/engine case covers will be here tomorrow. So really I don't have much left to do as far as parts buying. Just a bunch of odds and ends type stuff, and sending the ECU for a flash. I'll update the installed parts list as things get put on, and will post pictures as I go. Bodywork mockup

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