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  1. johnakay

    Lovely classics from new parts

    Triumph bikes are very heavy so if you have weak knees then its a no no.
  2. johnakay

    Helmet Lock

    chinese make them or similar https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motorcycle-Accessories-Helmet-Lock-For-YAMAHA-MT-25-MT-03-MT-07-MT-09-2014-2018/232140247061?fits=UKM_Make%3AYamaha|UKM_Model%3AMT-07&hash=item360ca31015:g:fxQAAOSwnCFaL3ti
  3. johnakay

    Tracer 700 seat fit a MT07?

    both share the same frame. have a look at this video it may help.
  4. johnakay

    my tracer.

    chain oiler is a bought one. https://www.tutorochainoiler.com/
  5. johnakay

    Factory FJ09 centerstand?

    no they dont.its an after market thing if you want one. I had one on and bloody useless so sold it on. it was an effort to to get the bike up and not only that it would ground out on left hand corners.
  6. you guy maybe getting the Tracer soon according to cycle world. https://www.cycleworld.com/first-look-video-europe-only-yamaha-tracer-700-sport-tourer?cAe9jofzdsr0SHzS.01
  7. johnakay


    got a frame in part ((rear end)) bought this but I a long way off at the moment from making any thing. we've got shitty weather at the moment and I dont like ordering steel while there is salt on the road.
  8. johnakay

    New Model From Suzuki SV650X

    why do these manufactories choose those big ugly exhaust is beyond me. yamaha have got it bang on with the under sling thingymejig.lol
  9. johnakay

    Warm feet

    300 smackers no thanks .cheaper to wear wolly socks.
  10. I'd be inclined to kick her in the teef and if knock a toof out ah ya can always get dentures. thats how I'd feel about ma bike. hot or not bike is hotter and cheaper and it doesn't give you lip nor as expensive.lol
  11. johnakay

    Oh Dear God, Please do not let this happen

    ideal if your an invalid.so why not.
  12. johnakay

    Parking Lot Cager Tip

    you must've been to close to start with.no matter how slow you should be at least 2 or 3 car length for safe distance. if you had been then you wouldn't have this problem.
  13. johnakay


    a friend of mine has just bought himself a used MT07 and he's 78 years old. he loves it and he did 300 miles in a day with no ach or pains. he is one of these guys who buys bike's every other months but he reckons this one's a keeper. and when the biking season's over he's going to leave it in my garage so that I can work on to make a grab rail/rack etc. this one is similar to the one he has bought...
  14. johnakay

    Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap

    look good to me. I like it.job well done. I did my silencer in that and done over 3000 miles and still intact no bubbling etc.

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