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  1. dangydave68

    Agv k5 s size large

    Thanks for the tip man!
  2. dangydave68

    Give away!

    Amazing! Been wanting some new brake lines!
  3. Worn three times, just bought it a week ago, and realized after a long ride that it's to small. The helmet is a size large and includes all packaging and contents of the box. I would also be willing to trade for a helmet of equal or greater value. It's an awesome helmet, I'm just bummed it doesn't fit. This photo is a stock photo, let me know if you want more actual photos
  4. How's everyone feel about performance with the filter and lid
  5. dangydave68

    Hello everyone!

    Those are for the different color skins you can put on the lights
  6. dangydave68

    Hello everyone!

    Do you guys offer discounts on your website? Really loving the baracuda turn signals. Also recent purchased the mwr filter from you guys and it's great.
  7. dangydave68

    2w2d sale?

    No I understand that, I was hoping for a solution just using the bazzaz because there are no maps for our bikes in their database. I should've clarified that, and also that if I installed the ft ecu on my bike, if there would be a way to send me the flash file instead of actually mailing them my ecu.
  8. dangydave68

    2w2d sale?

    So if I had ft ecu you could port some kind of map
  9. dangydave68

    2w2d sale?

    If you could help me out that would be great though
  10. dangydave68

    2w2d sale?

    I called and I think I spoke to nel? He said he couldn't help me.
  11. dangydave68


    Ixil Hyperlow with no baffle. And the mwr filter and lid.
  12. dangydave68


    They do, I'm just cheap. Pcv has a lot of different maps, so I was hoping for something similar. Or even a way to convert a pcv map to bazzaz.
  13. dangydave68


    I know, I got it for free with the exhaust I bought. It runs well but I'm about to replace the airbox and filter. Gonna need a new map that
  14. dangydave68


    Yeah they only have one map, and it doesn't give any details on what it was created for
  15. dangydave68


    Not quite a reflash issue, but I have the bazzaz zfi and I can't find many maps. Anyone one here help me track some fuel maps down, it would be greatly appreciated

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