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  1. el937

    Need some advice on mirrors.

    @flooger I get virtually 0 vibration with the CRG Arrows... I'm sure the round ones are the same as CRG's generally seem to be well-constructed. I will admit I do get a little vibration at speed but it is not enough to even remotely skew my understanding of what I am seeing. I am super happy with these mirrors... I was hesitant to spend the money on the mirrors + Rhinomoto bar ends but honestly I am glad I did. Mirrors, shorty levers, frame sliders, and fender elim have completely changed the look of the bike for me (for the better). Only getting started!!
  2. @onur both the bike and the backdrop are beautiful!
  3. el937

    The Official Carolina Chapter!

    Weather permitting I think I am heading up to Blountville TN from Charlotte (about a 3+ hour haul 1 way) for the ATV MX @ Muddy Creek on June 3 if anyone is interested. I think it would be a nice ride across the mountains near Linville, etc. The AMA Pro Motocross is later in June if its a nice ride I'd be interested in that too. Let me know!
  4. Whoa there! They say its faster without it.... http://fz07.org/thread/758/removal-warning-sticker-fuel-tank ( @panzer716 I got your back sir. A long overdue bump. ) LOL @panzer716 @mrpuss thanks for the reminder/link (rofl) pulling it off tonight
  5. Put on a Motodynamics fender eliminator the weekend before last and my CRG Arrows/Rhinomoto bar ends this past weekend. Have had the shorty levers for a while. These few upgrades have totally changed the look of the bike for me and I absolutely love it. Next up... exhaust!!
  6. el937

    The Official Carolina Chapter!

    Carolinakid - that's where I got mine! They had a deal several months back on all black '16s so I made the trip from Fort Mill to snag one. Pretty good experience overall. Gotta go in for first service in a couple weeks I think!
  7. el937

    Need some advice on mirrors.

    Hopping on the CRG Arrow bandwagon. I just installed mine over the weekend with the Rhinomoto bar-ends and it is such an improvement in both functionality and looks. The stock mirrors were an eyesore for me personally as well as slightly dangerous because unless I leaned quite a bit to one side I could not see around my arms/shoulders which makes it awkward and difficult while moving. The setup is pricey but in my opinion worth it. I can now see virtually everything behind me at the quick flick of an eye - the way it should be. Installation is incredibly simple but, generally speaking, I'd advise going down to the local hardware/auto store and just picking up a small set of metric hex keys as you'll need them for working on this bike in general (i.e., taking the seat off, doing fender elim., etc.) I used a set of channel locks with some shop towels (to prevent scratching) to get the stock mirrors off) and it was simple. Whole install took 10 minutes maybe. One thing I am curious about... what are ya'll doing with the threaded spots the stock mirrors came out of? I would like to get some black button head bolts or something but didn't know if anyone had done anything else.
  8. Played around on my bro's GSXR when I was younger and was raised on motocross but the FZ07 is my first street ride and I gotta say I couldn't be more happy with the decision. I've only got about 350 miles on it but it is just all around a fantastic and fun bike. Considered the FZ09, SV650, Monster 821, Street Triple, etc... but glad I went with the FZ07. Also much more comfortable with Japanese bikes having grown up working on Yam's, Honda's, Suzuki's. If you do get it do yourself a favor and get a cheap set of adjustable shorty levers immediately - you will not regret it. I've already got the bug - have CRG Arrow's coming in this week and put on a fender elim last weekend Keep us updated!
  9. el937

    The Official Carolina Chapter!

    Hey all. Fort Mill SC here... basically Charlotte NC. New to the forum/FZ-07 and fairly new to street bikes as well. Been riding dirt since I was a little kid though. If anyone is in the area would love to meet up sometime

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