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  2. I have to agree with you. Suspension made things so much better! I would put the Rear Shock as my top though because we can only pick one.
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    I went ahead and did the following changes to my FZ07 so far: Cyclops LED headlight, Need to find where to get the LED for the running light... Front TST LED smoked blinkers, TST Tidy tail and integrated tail light smoked, Yamaha store engine guards, these I don't think will do anything to protect the bike Yamaha windscreen (doesn't do much just looks better), MRA windscreen for commuting, very good wind hits me at my shoulders WOMET fork, and frame sliders, WOMET shorty levers, K&N air filter Akrapovic Ti exhaust SW Motech hand guards R&G passenger peg delete R&G radiator guard Guiles Tooling Rear setsSteel braided brake lines Speingler kitEBC Brake pads FA252HH Fronts and FA174HH RearBitubo JBH fork CartridgesBitubo XXF11 Rear Shock[strong][/strong]ECU Flash Tune on bike kit Future mods: mirrors, bars, r6 throttle tube. Tires Michelin PR4... Gear: alpinestars everything, gp perforated jacket, smx gloves, tech R boots, for summer Bogota drystar jacket, drystar over pants, drystar gloves, for winter -burnthis

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