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  1. Nice looking stuff. I just got a pair of pants from Motoport, pricey but they would survive a trip through a wood chipper. They tick every box for me for street riding. I was also looking at the Dainese horizon pants, I'd imagine youve seen these.... https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-horizon-pants Ive no idea of your riding environment in Utah though. We can go from neg 10 degree if not colder to 110 degrees. The weather is always changing so in the summer we get nice little.spots of rain and so on nice just unpredictable
  2. But anyways I'm hoping I can find pants like these just cause the weather changes allot in Utah. So having a water rep liner upgrade the hip protection and knee protection. Otherwise these are gonna be my Main. I can always sow a piece of leather on the inside of the butt haha
  3. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-gp-plus-r-v2-airflow-jacket Jacket. I love the fact it's got the chest protection as well
  4. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-drake-air-d-dry-pants Pants
  5. You're getting this one? Awesome. I haven't had the op to try their mesh jackets. Let us know what you think of it Actual I was going after a time tested and trusted one from alpinestar there new beefed up unit and you can swap all the armor. But the pants I'm still getting cause they have hip protection.but I'm still looking for one similar with knee and hip with a removable liner and openable vent to the legs. The big thing with these pants is the but isn't reinforced
  6. Thanks I think I found my new summer jacket
  7. It's either that or the new super rider but from what I can see you can't upgrade the elbow armor on that jacket
  8. Ok so I've got a nice leather jacket. It's from leather up so it's not as nice as allot of the others and weights a ton especially with armor. It's vented and has a removable liner. But sitting in 80 degree weather for a few minutes and I'm dien. 90 degree. I got off my bike and walked to the door and from there to there less than 50 yards I was drenched in sweat so it's time for a new jacket. I love the chest protectors and back but I wanna be able to upgrade to the new forcefield armor witch is lighter and breathable than other level 2 so anyways I wanna know if the armor on the shoulders and elbows are removable on this jacket.
  9. I think the 2 different reds look amazing. Theyou give it just enough to give it that extra character I love it and it looks great, as for my exhaust https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/rg-racing-hexagonal-exhaust-protector
  10. https://preview.ibb.co/ixhkFk/20170426_133906.jpg' alt='20170426_133906.jpg'> upload images Awesome of got my protection cage thanks to Kris Higdonion. This thing is awesome the new skid plates are amazing
  11. skiddum

    New rear hugger

    Thanks I'll do that
  12. skiddum

    New rear hugger

    Yeah, 5052 will be your best bet... the 3003 doesnt have the corrosion resistance unless it's coated and at about half the strength of the 5k series, theres the possibility that it could buckle under longer spans Cant wait to see what your fender turns out like Im starting to get into fabrication/making myself... looking forward to the inspiration i get from your project Thanks I've been trying to do my best. I've gotten my powder coating equipment and this stuff is awesome. I can't wait to start. I'm thinking this cool candy red on top and powder coated flat black on bottom I'll do 3 layers on it cause powder coating has extremely strong resistance to abrasion and being struck. I watched one guy powder coat a little metal plate they use for covering light fixtures. And he beat the cap out of it with a hammer the paint stayed just fine but the metal piece was bent to cap
  13. skiddum

    I crashed my FZ-07 (video)

    Man I'll tell ya. Allot has been said but we can't say what we would have done or wouldn't have in that situation. And we all have our little tendancies. When I'm behind some slow guy I'll get in the next lane and I'll gun it and merge in front of them and all of a sudden I'm doing 60 70. I get aggressive while I ride but I'm still cautious. But there's a few areas that have some really tight S turns with wide open areas that I can see traffic coming from every area. And i practice my throttle control and getting my lines tight in that area. Not saying it's safe. I didn't notice the cop in the church parking lot when I came flying around the second turn and he just shook his head at me and hit his lights an siren. I was easily doing double if not more the mph in that area buy the time exited the turn just in time to see him. I shut it down at 70 and he flipped his lights and siren on and then off and that was it didn't chase me or anything. He had me dead to rights but Just kinda hey you need to stop doing that. We all have our little things we do so honestly I'm not gonna say I'd have handled it different cause I wasn't put in that situation. I hope when I am I remember this video and can avoid it though. But im glad you're OK and for your girlfriend. Don't waist a tear on her. I'm lucky I found an amazing woman. She loves me and is extremely devoted to me. I recently had to have an emergency surgery to have my gallbladder out and she really stepped up.she stayed the hole time in the hospital with me, she took a few days off to make sure I was OK until I could get around without help at home. And now is taken extra shifts to take care of the bills cause I can't go back to work for 30 days. The line for better or worse is no joke if she can't be there in your times of need but expects you to be there for hers then you don't need her one Dam bit. I had to go through tons and tons of Wenom and failed relationships to find her. Not just her but myself. I had to redo who I was and become a good part of society instead of a deadbeat. So as you go your learn and evolve and sooner or later you'll find that one who just works. Is everything you want and is willing to stick it out in the good and bad times.

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