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  1. The styling on the 17 looks a lot nicer than the 18 design. All they had to do was make it longer, not make it look like 1977. maybe I could cut a little off the end to shape it like the 17 design.
  2. I would like to try fitting a 2018 chain guard to my 2017. If someone is removing there's I would like to buy it.
  3. I to have had an issue with chain lube on the underside of my tail section. Why couldn't they make it longer so people could cut it off to preference.
  4. You should make several....to off set the cost. I'm interested in one.
  5. My dealer talked to Yamaha rep , says they have no intentions of releasing bike in US. Bike was designed for European market only . I didn't like the seat anyway.
  6. Received screen , looks and fits great. Thanks
  7. I noticed that sitting on an 18 model the handle bars seemed lower and farther way .I believe this is because of the new seat. I'm glad I bought my 17 .
  8. I will take it. Paypal ok ? I usually have issues communicating on this site so please reply to patrickmcbrien@centurylink.net Pat
  9. mcbrien

    Sammy Halbert & Harley

    I wonder if Sammy's bike is for sale? He has some sweet pieces on that bike.
  10. So now I have the last year of the FZ07....Cool.
  11. mcbrien

    Caberg helmets....

    How's the fit? What head shape does this fit. Round , long oval?
  12. mcbrien

    Oh Dear God, Please do not let this happen

    I would like to ride one before passing judgment. I think that front end would look awesome on my Super Tenere.
  13. MCN says sag should be 25% of total travel. I weigh 185lbs and the stock springs are perfect for me with a sag of 1 5/16. I read a post saying to use an oil with a viscosity around 45cst@40 . Agip 10wt is on the money. My forks are great now. Air gap should be162mm (6.4in) no springs fully compressed. You want 1 5/16 sag on rear also.
  14. mcbrien

    New Forum Conideration

    Sure, I have lots of experience at crashing I wouldn't mind sharing.
  15. I gave it an 8 not because of the soft suspension but because of the poor fueling at on/off throttle. I had to get my ecu done to get the fuel injectors to stay on and to get a little more fuel in midrange . That on off jerkiness is caused by the injectors turning on and off. My flash did increase my mpg a little though.

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