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  1. patrolus

    New headlight

    Holy crap, they cost $70-80 here in australia. each. Not fair hahaha
  2. patrolus

    Adding lightness

    can we unbolt it to reduce weight???
  3. patrolus

    They don't make them like this...

    crazy bike mate;) - number plates are not in fashion in your country??
  4. You can have my whole stock exhaust for a bottle of wild turkey american honey.
  5. patrolus

    Triumph releasing bad ass new 2018 Speed Triple

    apparently the rrp € 15725 in Germany , if that helps
  6. patrolus

    weighed FZ-07 at home

    Managed to fill her up today and rolled her on the scale again. 176kg with the tank full (absolutely maxed ) minus about 1 km drive from the servo to work.....
  7. patrolus

    Triumph releasing bad ass new 2018 Speed Triple

    Just asking myself the same. Its not a KTM super Duke, maybe? Anyway, awesome bike , I just don't like the headlights ......Looking from the side, the front just looks crap
  8. I just looked that area up on google maps.......living on the west coast of australia , a roundabout is the most exciting bit of road for us.... looks stunning! I think I will have to start and plan a Holiday somewhere 'twisted' ....
  9. patrolus

    Show me your......

    haha. funny that, never seen it lol. Thanks for your reply!
  10. patrolus

    Show me your......

    Hey mate, where did you get that little windscreen thingy from?? thx
  11. patrolus

    Mt07 suspension linkage bolt it.

    Well, I do have to agree to rusty bolts and some parts are just cheap steel, pressed into shape.... What to expect from a 10k bike ? -and that's Australian 10k We have 4 bikes atm, 3 Ducs and the MT, and trust me, I don't care if a bolt is a bit rusty , its an easy fix. The Important bits are Yamaha style, top engineering and nothing to worry about. --The Italian diva's are a different story of quality control....... nice looking and awesome machines, but .........
  12. patrolus

    weighed FZ-07 at home

    Ok, scale at work is up and running now My MT weighs in at 170kg or 256kg with me in my gear on it .... Couldn't fill her up , Tank was half full (display just changed down to half full about 2km before) whatever that means I run the akra carbon system, PCV, Technoflex suspension front and back, Tail tidy, no indicators at the rear, cheap tomohawk copy mirrors, Renthal ultra low handlebar and ebay brake and clutch levers. rest is stock.
  13. By accident...One drunken night i couldn't log into the FZ-07 forum .....so I registered again and --voila: All of a sudden I was here. Anyway, no reason to leave, seems all the other forums are pretty dead.
  14. patrolus

    Look at my bike!!!!!!

    I know the feeling, I had a blue R6 that I just loved.... after every track day I would spend ages mucking around with it and cleaning it ..... The gf at the time decided to get a bit of cotton string wrapped over the tank that looked like a massive scratch.....

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