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  1. Finally installed my CRG Arrow mirrors after receiving my Rhinomoto bar end adapters (reminder the CRG adapters I got (they have 2 7/8 models) didn't fit my handlebars). Wow really plug & play. Now I CAN SEE behind me!!! Great quality for all these products that sell at premium prices I agree but safety is priceless for me.
  2. jakenrb17

    New FZ07 owner from Quebec, Canada

    Tks Guru, and your def talking same language I do hearing this! 8-) 8-)
  3. jakenrb17

    New FZ07 owner from Quebec, Canada

    Can't wait to compare both DewMan. tks for sharing
  4. My cousin has a lathe at work, took him 10 minutes, didnt cost me anything.Nice...
  5. Hey folks! After being a focused "car guy" for many years, decided to make the jump to the dark side... Wasn't 100% sure if I would enjoy it as much as driving my Miata top top in the twisty's on a nice sunny day so I went for a used '16 FZ07 after reading a bunch of nice review on that bike. So far am not deceived, it resembles a lot what I like about cars (lightweight, nimble & fun to drive at reasonable speed). Time will tell for the rest... I enjoy the forum so far (used to this with cars) and thanks for all your quick response when needed guys! Already did a few mods: Custom blue powder coat wheels (yellow was too "in your face" for me). I wanted a unique sober color. TST Industries fender eliminator (was 1st thing on my list!!!) LED flashers + flasher relay Motodynamics tail light CRG bar end Arrow mirrors (waiting for Rhinomoto bar end adapters to come in) Cyclops H4 7000 lumens LED headlight (ordered).
  6. I just had the oem barends machined, the rhinomoto ones is a fing robbery.How much did that cost you 762mm?
  7. Agreed for the 2 front fender ones (looked too fast at it) but on my grey bike the 2 tail bits are black so no need to change these. Same for other colors? Anyway pretty cheap bottom line to do a color swap.
  8. Heard from dealer here in Canada that body panels are something like $250 total to make a color swap. If not mistaking you only need 3 pieces to make that swap (2 sides and front fender). And super easy to swap yourself (bunch of bolts). Only tricky one I know (for side panels) are the ones in the black air inlet panel that your knees cover when riding. These (2 bolts - one each side) are a small HEX size and are very cheaply made (compare to all other ones on the bike) so they strip right away. Those bolts ahve a kind of Loctite powder on them from factory so they are hard to break at first. When I dismantle my body parts (to install new LED relay) I stripped the left side right away and was stuck to use a chisel to break lose that bolt. Order new one afterward from the dealer and he told they were back order (acknowledging these were weak). Right side of bike went fine but bolt was hard to break lose and make sure your all the way in the HEX whole before applying pressure counter-clock wise to break it lose. When re-installing these I put some grease on them so don't have same issue again. Hope this helps
  9. jakenrb17

    bar end removal

    Forget the inner very shallow T27 Torx bolt, it will stripped right away (know I tried it at first too). You need to unscrew the bigger HEX part of the bar end (not sure sizing) but put your (common HEX key) all the way in and apply some force (counterclock wise) and it will break lose. It's a big threaded bolt (that bar end) so it won't break no worries.
  10. I contacted CRG Moto directly to inquire about this and they told me they offer two different 7/8 adapter model so the one I got was the wider one and the other one was maybe 3mm thinner so ain't really sure if gonna fit my specific Canadian OEM handlebars. Their customer service guy was very helpful. I will keep their Arrow bar end mirrors but i'll play safe and ordered some Rhinomoto weighted bar end adapters (they are threaded and supposedly are plug & play!). Waiting for order to come in, will keep you guys up.
  11. Having issue with the CRG 7/8 bar end adapters...they simply don't fit in the handle bars! Am really puzzled why am seeing guys fit them so easily on youtube videos while mine are just a tad wider than the stock weighted bar ends so doesn't go in at the threaded area level. Even brought my bike to the dealer to see and mechanic measured my adapter and its a few mm wider than stock ones. Anyone had same issue? Wonder if I can returned them (bought from Fortnine in Canada)? Is my only other option the RhinoMoto threaded bar ends (even more expensive)? Will add few pics for you guys to see (hope this works):
  12. Once installed I'll see what you mean I guess 762mm...can't be worse than OEM when not knowing if the car in my back (Cop or not) will ran me over at the next stop light! Order placed. tks again
  13. You got me convinced guys...i'll spend the extra money in the name of safety! Tks to all for sharing thoughts Cheers

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