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  1. Also how many miles/trackdays are you getting to a set of pads???? I would guess I have equivalent to 3 race weekends on my factory set, and they have plenty of life left. I'm only replacing them to start the season fresh again.
  2. Find a local suspension guy and go through them. The cartridges aren't a straight bolt in and there's some work required from my understanding. Plus he will help get you dialed in. Settings done on the bench for my weight/use/etc were good. One tweak trackside after a few laps and it's been money ever since! The few bucks you can save using revzilla just isn't worth it in my opinion.
  3. My thoughts....from a race only perspective. I have one with stock forks and ktech cartridges and R6 forks with stock cartridges on the other. I don't recommend going R6 if you plan to keep internals stock. With more tuning I think I can get the stock R6 to perform as good as FZ with the ktech, but I don't think it will ever exceed it. My suspension guy agrees. More of the reason for going R6 is better brakes (completely unnecessary if you ask me) and having access to more parts like used wheels and rotors if you need replacements. With FZ parts becoming more readily available all the time, I don't see a lot of benefit. Hit me up if in the end you decide you want to go R6. I might be interested in getting rid of mine with aftermarket rim and rotors.
  4. So far the frame, radiator, etc all look straight, but I haven't had time to strip it down and verify. Fairing stay is even still straight.
  5. And the rest of the carnage that goes along with that beautiful suit.......think it'll buff out???
  6. foss

    Another FZ07R

    Final product....
  7. foss

    Another FZ07R

    It looks like a pretty close match in the pics, but in person the front fender is more green and a bit darker than the wheels. Plus I couldn't find it in a gloss finish. Probably won't have time before this race weekend coming up, but it the future that will probably be changed to white or black.
  8. foss

    Another FZ07R

    Superbike will likely be a similar concept but shades of pink. Coworker of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer just before the birth of her first kid, and my wife wants to show support.
  9. What rearsets are you running?
  10. foss

    2017 and dangle angle

    Looks like I have work to do. I see a lot more daylight!
  11. Great seller! In addition to the bike he mentioned above I also had one shipped from Georgia a couple weeks ago. Bike was exactly as described and he took care of shipping start to finish.

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