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  1. CarGuy7a

    Harder to rev match after ECU?

    If you are running stock exhaust that may be why. I couldn't rev match worth a crap when I had stock exhaust. Once I could hear it with the Akra, that problem quickly went away.
  2. Yes check your clutch switch's functionality. This can cause a slightly higher idle in the 1300ish RPM range. I figured this out when I removed mine to install a RSC clutch lever and perch. One thing you do not want to do on this bike when removing the clutch switch permanently is short the wires together (I know I've done it and the bike ran like garbage). When you let the clutch out under normal riding conditions, the switch breaks contact when the plunger is pushed in and tells the ECU to wake the fueling map up and if you remove the switch you will hear this in the idle when sitting at a stop it will idle higher. When you "blipped the throttle" you may have vibrated a sticky contact or loose connection on your clutch switch to make it work correctly.
  3. CarGuy7a

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    Yep in the 0% throttle column from 2000 RPM all the way up. I have my fuel trim right around 5 and it works for me. It still has a little blubbering and a pop here or there while decelerating which is fine with me. Too much decel popping is just obnoxious IMO.
  4. CarGuy7a

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    Just don't add fuel too low on the rpm range or it will add fuel while idling and you don't want that. I started at about 2000 RPM and up. The bike idles right around 1300ish RPM's. I would test it both ways. Turn the decel injection on, and reset all your 0% throttle fuel trims back to 0 in the map and ride it. Then turn the injection off, and add about 5 to 10 fuel trim in the map from 2000rpm up at 0% throttle and ride test it. See which one is better and leave it set there. I wouldn't run fuel trim and the injection on at the same time or you'll be dumping way too much fuel on decel and your fuel mileage will go down the toilet.
  5. CarGuy7a

    M4 and Power Commander FC?

    With the exception of timing maps. I don't believe the Power Commander FC supports timing adjustments like the PCV does. Like turbomax said most of us are using PCV or FTECU and I've not really heard of anyone using the PC fuel controller on the FZ so that explains the lack of help we can provide. The better setup for you since you don't have a nearby dyno shop like myself would have been the PCV along with their autotune, or the FTECU system with their autotune. You might give dynojet a call and tell them your setup and see what they say.
  6. I use these on my Renthal Road mediums and they work fine. I know I know they're cheap but hey they work. Are the bars you have standard 7/8ths OD? My mediums are 7/8ths and these mirrors fit fine.
  7. CarGuy7a

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    Glad to hear you pretty much have it sorted out now. If you want to further help eliminate decel popping (If you can modify the PCV map you have loaded) add some fuel in the 0% throttle range from about 2000RPM up to the highest RPM that map can go. Try a fuel trim of about 5 at first. If you can't modify the PCV map then you can turn on the decel injection in your FTECU settings which is an easier option. This will add some fuel when you are off the throttle at higher RPMs to help eliminate some of the engine braking and decel popping. You can always revert it if you don't like it.
  8. CarGuy7a

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    I was thinking about that as well seeing that you said you are in EU. I have read that the stock ECU mapping is a little different. You could try emailing FTECU themselves and see what their recommended setup is for an EU configured ECU. Hope you get it sorted. Keep us posted man.
  9. CarGuy7a

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    OP have you figured out the issue yet?
  10. I run pretty much the same style signals on the front as the CNC's you posted a pic of without the DRLs. All I did with the 3rd wire was electrical tape it up to keep water out and tucked it away. No problems or warnings on dash.
  11. CarGuy7a

    Removing 02 sensor on stock exhaust?

    I'm not sure how 2wdw's software for ECU tuning on the FZ07 is but I have seen videos of guys tuning 4 cyl bikes with the FTECU setup and it gives an option in the software to disable the stock O2 sensor. Not sure if it gives that option on the FZ07 you'd have to call and ask them if that's what they did. If they did, then it's not really a problem. Remove the O2, plug the bung and ride on.
  12. CarGuy7a

    Clutch not pulled in enough?

    Should be fine as long as it's enough to relieve the pressure off the transmission. Some of us don't even use the clutch while up shifting by using methods of throttle chopping or a quick shifter to relieve that pressure on the trans.
  13. I agree on that. Ethanol does have cleaner burning benefits though but on the downside it also takes more ethanol to do what normal (non ethanol) gasoline does. I believe they also started adding it to simply sell more "product" as well. I had an old 98 chevy Z71 1500 during the days of (non ethanol gas) and was getting around 14-16 mpg city driving depending on my foot. After they started adding ethanol my city mileage went down to 8 MPG!!!! and I'm not even kidding. With that being said gas prices here in KY have been hovering right around $2.80 to $2.90/gal for regular and right around $3.10 or so for 92.
  14. CarGuy7a

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    I'm not saying you should go out and buy the autotune kit tomorrow that's completely up to you but my experience with the power commander's autotune setup has been nothing but amazing. It was a little rough at first figuring out all the settings and how it reacted to minor changes but it made a world of difference once it straightened the map out. I started with a base map from Dynojet for the Akra Ti system (which is what I run) and DNA filter with the open lid (I run a K&N filter with the lid hole enlarged to simulate the DNA setup) and could not believe how much it needed to change the map and it changed it for the better. As time went on I bought the POD 300 so I could data log my AFR's and tune according and it made even more of a difference in getting the map refined. I ultimately went this route because I do not have access to a local dyno shop that could fine tune my map for the area I ride in. Maybe try a couple different maps for exhausts that are similar to the one you have. The Akra Ti maps are different because that pipe has larger chambers. I would try the map for the graves, yosh, or arrow and see what that gets you. Those are shorter more straight through exhausts kind of like the SC you have. Once you get used to tuning it's not bad. I can pull my data logs, look at the autotune trim tables and compare what changes it says it needs to the logs and it's pretty spot on and the ones that are off I manually adjust, accept and send the map. I've got it down where I can do all that in about 20 minutes. I don't mess with the timing though as that would require a dyno so I just leave it to what the dynojet map has.
  15. CarGuy7a

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    I would think that if you do not have an active tune FTECU setup with a wideband O2, that your tune should not be self adjusting or reverting back to stock. What you may be feeling is the difference between the PCV map and the way the FTECU handles a map. From what I've seen from pictures of the FTECU fuel tables you can adjust fuel cells across a wider range of throttle positions than you can on a PCV map. PCV maps have throttle percentage columns that go 0,2,5,10,15,20,40,60,80and 100% throttle and no in between numbers to adjust those areas say for example 90 or 95% throttle like the FTECU does. Maybe that is what you are feeling, you may be falling into a throttle percentage cell that is not tuned so you are getting those inconsistencies. I've never used the FTECU but look and make sure you are not tuning the closed loop map (I'm not sure if you can even access that map in the ECU with FTECU but it's worth looking into). If you can access two different maps named open loop or closed loop, the open loop is the one you want to tune. Closed loop map is when you are cruising with a consistent throttle input. As stickshift said you can also play with removing the stock O2 and see how it reacts. I have mine removed and did not get a check engine light and I have been running my FZ this way for over 6 months. Also look in your FTECU software to see if you can disable the stock O2 I know it is an option on some bikes. The only problem with an O2 eliminator kit that plugs into where the stock O2 connects is that it has a resistor in it to trick the ECU into thinking the O2 is taking readings. You DO NOT want this on the FZ07 as it will force the ECU into running in the closed loop map all the time which is an extremely lean map. During acceleration the O2 sensor is idle (not taking readings and in Open loop cycle) at cruising is when the O2 takes readings and that is when the ECU goes into closed loop mapping. The reason PCV and EJK says to remove the stock O2 is to allow the bike to run in the open loop map in the ECU all the time. By bypassing the closed loop map (which is the EPA lean cruising map) it allows the PCV or EJK or any other inline fuel controller to control the fueling all the time, this paired with an autotuning device is a really good setup as you can set the cruising AFR's to whatever you want. I run my autotune at 13.7AFR cruising range and 13.2 everywhere else and it's a really good setup.

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