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  1. ***UPDATE: After about 3500 miles with this exhaust installed "baffle out" I gotta say I wouldn't change anything about it! Sure... it's really loud, but it doesn't have a disturbing tone IMO that makes my brain want to explode like my previous Two Bros Racing exhaust on my Kawasaki... The drone was intolerable with even cruising around town!! This Akro Ti is truly my favorite exhaust for this bike after hearing and seeing quite a few others out there, and I have absolutely no regrets on my choice... For longer distance rides I definitely wear ear plugs which works out great! No ringing in my ears nor headaches thankfully! The color change on my header pipes has not increased much at all from the initial few hundred mile warming/cooking phase. The tone and loudness hasn't changed much from the initial start up with baffle out. Thankfully the materials are holding up nicely with no noticeable scratching nor denting on the titanium muffler section or stainless steel pipes from road debris and overall use. The springs that hold the pipes together show no signs of wear or breakage at this point. My biggest gripe about this exhaust would STILL be the damn muffler stickers that Akrapovic gave us here in the US (which are amazingly still intact!!) instead of the beautifully etched version. Overall... Still very happy with this exhaust and would still highly recommend it!
  2. CONGRATS!!! I have no doubt that you will absolutely love it! **DB Killer Out
  3. My DB killer came out very quickly and easily as well using that same method. WD40 works wonders on that thing! And yesssss... This exhaust sounds DAMN TOUGH with DB killer out!! I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!! I have seen that drilling holes option to increase the sound some what but never thought to do it once I took my DB killer out as I am a huge fan of the sound with it removed. The Akrapovic Titanium exhaust actually contains a stainless steel header and mid-pipe section which also changes color some what with increased use and/or increased temps... The Titanium aspect is solely at the muffler section.
  4. Now thats some good customer service right there!
  5. BINGO!! Sounds like you had the same exact issue that I had... I ended up corresponding with CRG over quite some time which resolved with me sending them the lever (at my expense)... Corresponded some more... Then finally I was sent a replacement lever which... guess what... FIT PERFECTLY!!! So that whole quality control/consistency factor is very much questionable I am afraid... BUT, now that I have both my levers installed, I do really like em... They look awesome and function pretty well. Just sucks I had to go through all that crap just to get a replacement that works as it should have originally! I will be writing up a detailed review on these levers soon so stay tuned!
  6. Couldn't hurt to ask. I'm sure if you just paid a little extra they could order a Vader LEGO and make it such.Good idea... I may do that!
  7. Sooooo the other day, I took a nice relaxing ride down to a cafe to pick myself up some liquid energy... After ordering my beverage, drinking it, and returning to my bike, I found myself not being able to find my key anywhere! I looked in every pocket I had, in my gloves, in my helmet, in my wallet, and yesssss... even in the ignition of the bike itself... It was nowhere!! And then finally... after almost losing my coolness in such frustration at myself for losing the damn key... I looked down at the key slot which opens my "trunk" underneath the back seat and there it was... I was so damn relieved! So... This brings me to the topic at hand, as I am now currently in the market for something that makes my key stand out so that this mishap may hopefully never happen again! So whether it be a keychain of some sort, a fabric tag, a leather tag, a rubber tag, or even a rabbits foot! Let me know what you guys are using on your keys... I want something that won't flap around much while riding but will still be visible when dismounting the bike so that I may never lose the key again! Thanks!
  8. myTAKE: Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust Well... It's been a few months and about 1600 miles with this exhaust installed and I feel that another review is not necessarily needed but more to be appreciated by those who are still sitting on the fence about which exhaust to go with for their beloved FZ-07. I spent about 700 miles with the baffle IN prior to getting my ECU reflashed & intake modified and about 700 miles with the baffle OUT. I also installed this exhaust myself using mostly simple tools with a few specialty tools including a ratchet set, a torque wrench, allen wrench sockets, needle nose pliars, vice grips (for baffle removal). So without further a-do here we go! INSTALL/QUALITY: The install was very straight forward in which this exhaust is a direct replacement for the stock exhaust. No modification or cutting is necessary and my particular exhaust lined up absolutely perfectly with all stock mounting points which were easily accessible in order to mount the exhaust. The stock exhaust came off easily as well as my bike only had maybe 200 miles on it at the time of removal. I reused the stock header gaskets as well as the condition was practically new. The one thing that bugged me during the install was how soft the screws were that Akrapovic included in the set which fastened the muffler to the mounting bracket which connects to the bike. These screws must be handled carefully when torquing them down as they want to strip very easily at the head. Take your time and use a perfect fitting tool for that part. Other than that the install went very smoothly. The quality of materials are top notch especially the Titanium muffler section which came nicely packed in styrofoam in the box. A small gripe I had in regards to quality was the header pipe section was lightly scratched from the factory it seemed which luckily disappeared as I rode the bike more which the heat from use turned the pipes a nice golden color. The one thing I really wished for when choosing this exhaust was the muffler canister made for the MT-07 which was engraved with a nice emblem instead of getting a damn sticker that seems it may fall off in time with increased use, moisture, and road debris. PERFORMANCE: Initially as mentioned above I rode with baffle in for about 700 miles. With baffle in my butt dyno could definitely feel an improvement especially in the upper RPM range where the stock bike normally died off in power. The power increase was nothing major but if I could describe it in one word it would have to be that the bike felt "different." A good different too... Like the power band was smoother and more refined without the abrupt power loss that was felt pretty dramatically before. With baffle out... I can only comment on baffle out w/ ECU reflash and intake work done as I did them all at the same time. I assure you, this set up is AMAZING and the bike takes on a much improved power delivery band with more linear and consistent power straight to red line! SOUND: Baffle in the sound is a bit louder than stock. If I could throw a sound rating on it as stock being a 2/10 in loudness I would have to say the baffle in sound would be about a 4/10. 0 being silence, 10 being hurting your ears. Baffle out... Well, well, well... As glorious as it sounds it is much louder! I would have to rate it a 8/10. Now... My previous bike was a Kawasaki Vulcan S in which I had a Two Brothers Racing full exhaust on it. Now that exhaust I would give a 10/10 as that thing was damn loud at all RPM's with such horrible drone that would give me headaches at times and would get distracting after awhile which lead to loss of complete concentration from fatigue on the ride! The Akrapovic with baffle out on the other hand IS LOUD no doubt, but very well mannered at the same time. I do not notice a horrible drone at all and actually enjoy riding with this set up even at highway speeds. I would still recommend packing some ear plugs regardless, especially on the longer rides. Now... I gotta say... By me saying this is the best sounding exhaust that I've ever heard on a FZ-07 is a very subjective thing to say... But ITS TRUE!!!!! Ive received so many compliments on this thing (with baffle out) as it truly sounds like a damn V8 monster is coming down the road! Youtube videos give a nice appetizer in sound quality but the real meal is had ONLY by hearing this baby in person. Honestly... Just about every single time I start my bike since taking the baffle out I can't help but to crack a smile... It's that lovely!! So... in conclusion... I am obviously very happy with this exhaust and would recommend it to anyone! From the awesome looks, to the monstrous sound it produces (with baffle out), to the quality of materials used, to the simple install, this exhaust is not cheaply priced by any means. But... If your planning on 1 modification that changes the complete characteristics of the FZ-07 by sound alone, I would strongly recommend going with this exhaust... Feel free to inquire with any questions, comments, or concerns!
  9. Hey all... Just curious if anyone has gotten a CRG RC2 brake lever that just wouldn't fit their FZ-07 no matter how much love they put into the install?! Verified correct part #'s over and over and... over!! Greased everything with white lithium grease... Tried to insert the connecting piece in every way possible and still the holes wouldn't line up easily AND flush like with the stock lever... Now... I was FINALLY able to fit the bolt into the holes with slightly compressing the brake master cylinder switch but the fitment was horrible as major binding and tough lever function was immediately noticed even before attempting to tighten down the bolt... The brake would remain pressed in and would only slightly move to the original position until I manually pulled the lever away... So yup! No way in hell I am gonna be riding with this thing installed... Emailed CRG & awaiting their response to this... Any help or experience with this issue as always is greatly appreciated!! ??

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