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  1. The bracket looks great, not sure if I would prefer the solid or elongated holes one. I would certainly prefer it blacked out though. Kind of makes me ashamed that I just used a piece of heavy gauge pail handle "wire" to relocate my bracket, but it's simple; holds perfectly and is near invisible...
  2. Zephyr

    2015 Fz-07 with Mods

    I'd add rearsets and suspension before I could say that I'm 100% done. Kudos on getting to where you want to be. The bike looks real sharp!
  3. I generally like to sit about centered. Low speed perhaps a touch forward, but after a while in the saddle then I'm with mick97702.
  4. Zephyr

    Reminder to new riders

    Ditto on the above. Glad he's ok. Just curious if you know if he had attended any rider training? Also did the group know that he was "pushing his limits" so to speak?
  5. Went for a ride to check out the Akra Pipe and updated ecu flash. Everything was peachy. Decided to spend some time practicing emergency stops from 35-40mph and also emergency swerves on a stretch of residential pavement that sees little traffic. Finished out with some slow speed figure 8 's trying to stay in between the lane lines - still got to put in more work on slow speed maneuvers. Going left no problem, but going right was tricky today. Installed stainless brake lines all around once back home. Hopefully I'll get a chance to test them out before the weekend is over.
  6. Thanks. That's what I recalled reading somewhere and another reason I went with the Akra Ti. Since from what I remembered from my research a year ago was that it ticked off all of the right boxes (incl clearances / install) for me.
  7. Zephyr

    What bike would you like to test ride?

    The VanderHeide Motorcycle caught my attention back when it was first announced. Don't think it ever made it into production, just the one prototype. I guess they couldn't get folks to bite at the 150,000 euro price tag I'd also like to ride a really good electric for a day to see if the range vs performance is there.
  8. Yikes! I just put the Akra Ti on my bike and it's standing on the Motech center stand. I'll be sure to check the clearances thoroughly and adjust as required. Thanks for the public service announcement. Hopefully you can get that carbon fiber repaired for a decent price. GL
  9. This basically should be required reading in order to post on this website. It is that good. Kudos to you sir.
  10. Lots of suggestions noted so far. Based on your intro here's what I would suggest: 2WDW ecu flash. Suspension if in your budget Radiator guard. cheap insurance If your commute is mostly highway, then a windscreen. I have the Dart Manta and think it is very good. CT = cold hands when wet, so heated grips. I know guys here in Hawaii that swear by them for comfort when riding in the rain. I've had a few times where I thought that I could have used them as well. Exhaust? I didn't really care about having a louder exhaust, until a truck halfway pulled out on me. It was a curvy road and I wasn't riding fast. The truck had it's windows down, but I could tell that they never heard/saw me coming, so I promptly ordered an exhaust. Nothing too loud, but perhaps just enough to let blind corners know that something is coming. That's the hope anyway. After that it's just comfort items really. Ride as much as you can and you'll soon find itches to scratch.
  11. Installed the Akro Ti exhaust. Not as quick and easy as I had hoped for, but not very difficult either. Tried to get my (almost 7 yr old) son involved to turn some wrenches, but alas it was not to be. Too distracted playing with the flashlight (my only source of light) to care about helping dad. The hardest part was finding room to scrunch around the bike in my shed that also shares space with yard equipment and my personal tools. I did notice one thing interesting was that there is a rubber plug covering a screw that appears to be holding the baffle in place. I am curious to find out if Akro decided to try and make things easy for us instead of potentially mangling the baffle? No time to play tonight, so I'll have to find out later. Interesting that the recent topic of discussion is related to stainless lines. I have a set waiting to be installed. I suppose I'll try bleeding the loop first to see if things improve or change, but I'm 90% certain that the braided stainless will be getting installed. If I don't like the change, then it's only time and effort to go back to original.
  12. Zephyr


    Welcome. I'm sure that you'll find many fans of your channel here and probably add some new ones as well. +1 on the tutorial style videos as it has inspired myself as well to tackle some upgrades that I may have been on the fence about.
  13. Can you measure the flat of the lever where the logo is out to the end when you get them? I'm looking for a shorter brake lever than what I've got. Much obliged.
  14. I havee the older version of these. Fantastic hot weather glove!

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