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  1. rhoust64

    Decided to sell

    Nothing as of right now. I’m trying to cut out unnecessary expenses to save up for moving out of state. Payments with insurance were around $300, so that’s a decent chunk of change
  2. rhoust64

    Decided to sell

    Good points. I got the bike on one of those dealership finance cards, so I'm guessing meeting at the dealership would be the best place?
  3. rhoust64

    Decided to sell

    I’m still strongly considering selling it privately. I just figured it would be harder with still financing it.
  4. Unfortunately I have decided to sell my 2016 Armor Grey FZ-07. I am currently financing it, but I am going to pay off enough of the loan in order to sell it. From experience, is it better to try and sell it privately or have a dealership sell it on consignment?
  5. My new apartment complex requires that I have one of those parking decals that stick on the inside of a car windshield on my bike. However, I do not have a windshield. Any recommendations on how to get it on my bike?
  6. I rock the AGV Sport Blast jacket. It's my year round jacket. It's always hot weather here in FL. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/agv-sport-blast-jacket photo host site
  7. I have had my Armor Grey FZ-07 for about 8 months. I have noticed that parts of the hi viz color on the rims are starting to chip off. The bike has not been dropped or anything of that nature. Has anyone else run into this issue with the hi viz rims?
  8. How hard were the grips install? Did you glue them to the bar? They weren't the easiest to install, to be honest. I didn't glue the grip on the throttle side, as it was definitely a tight enough fit on there. I used soap and water to get the grip over the throttle tube. I did glue the left grip on, however. I had to use a bit of force to get the left grip on. It was definitely worth the effort though! Huge difference
  9. There hasn't been much of a chance to ride lately due to all of the rain in Central Florida. Today, I installed the R6 throttle tube from Motion Pro and also Progrip superbike soft grips. Here is the link for the grips https://www.amazon.com/Progrip-719BlackTitanium-719-Superbike-Grips/dp/B0074ZL828 private image upload
  10. rhoust64

    Cycle Store location Orlando,FL

    Cycle Gear in Orlando is pretty decent. Here is their website https://www.cyclegear.com/store-location/cycle-gear-orlando-florida-store-46
  11. I was thinking of buying the Pro Taper Contour bars with the Carmichael bend. Considering those or Rental Ultra Lows. The Ultra Lows are very popular for this bike, but has anyone used the Pro Taper Carmichael bend bars, if so did you like them?
  12. 010354 Added - assuming you are in the US
  13. I did this myself today and it worked great. I just purchased rain gutter mesh from Home Depot, then cut out small pieces to fit in the slot in the rear panel, and used that same paint to get the color close to the wheels. Here's a picture of how it turned out.
  14. Picked up some rain gutter mesh and some spray paint to make some DIY mesh intake covers. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Amerimax-Home-Products-6-in-x-36-in-Hinged-Gutter-Guard-Unpainted-85280BX/100002884 - Rain Gutter Mesh
  15. I just got the TST Industries smoked tail light as well. Definitely worth every penny. Cleans up the rear end nicely and looks much better than the stock tail light imo. Also, I just purchased the TST Industries flush mount front turn signals as well. https://tstindustries.com/TST-LED-Front-Flushmount-Turn-Signals-Yamaha.html

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