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  1. I know a lot of guys including me just snug up the bolt. Then give it a touch extra oomph, like an 1/8 turn or so more. Some call it hand tight then a bit more.... Been doing this forever on all of my vehicles. Never lost a bolt or cracked a pan.
  2. jmacas87

    FZ-07 Engine Braking

    Another 2wdw flasher here. It doesn't take away the engine braking, it does tame it down to a level that's just right imo.
  3. does anyone have pics of the OEM yamaha windscreen brackets? I reckon spacers/fab can be made to make it worked like mine did.
  4. @digitalsteve I have to update my build thread on it, most of it got cut off during the merge to the new forum. Here's a couple of pics. can easliy leave the full "touring" size on there for actual wind protection.
  5. jmacas87

    I Built An Exhaust

    nice work! looks really good
  6. jmacas87

    Jerky shifting

    does anyone else notice that the FZ has a bit notchier transmission than most. I wouldn't call it rough or anything, but out of my 4 other bikes this definitely is the clunkier feeling of them all. It isn't a con by any means, just noticeable enough.
  7. jmacas87

    Frame sliders. Yes or No?

    mostly in the same school of thought here. Mostly have it for lower speed drops. All bets are off on high speed, yes the frame slider "may" catch and cause your bike to flip, rip the engine mount bolts etc. However too many variables, some people walk away with a few scuffs, some bikes blow to pieces.... to each his own either way!
  8. Very cool love the ingenuity. Keep us posted
  9. +1. The FZ is for you. It'll do more than legal speeds on the highway all day no sweat. Around town it's just a hoot and a perfect urban bike. Best part is if you ever get the bug to be more "sporty" again, bars and rearsets will put you into a more aggressive position. Seems like a good fit got you
  10. jmacas87

    considering FZ-07

    +1 on the suspension comments. Since you've noticed the sucky suspension on the z650, you will definitely notice the sucky suspension on either FZ. (Albeit the latest 09 is better than past years) Obviously it will do just fine for many people, but if you start to push them you will feel it. Same is true for ANY bike in this class/price point. (Ingoring the thruxton, just too different a class IMO) THAT SAID, I do think that for you either FZ will be a blast. Given your riding background the 09 might give you more grins with the extra power and top end. The 07 is a very fun bike with a very punchy motor, but doesn't wind up on the high end as much as the 09 will. Depends on what you want out of it. There's also a new Z900 on the kawi side to bring to the mix... just my 2c
  11. thanks for sharing! good way for guys in a pinch or for guys who don't see a need to purchase a triple tree stand. plus folks always have extra wood laying around. if you had to leave it up long term, you could even lengthen the base piece and use jack stands or blocks to support. good work!
  12. jmacas87

    trailer hitch carrier

    another thing if you're in a pinch is the uhaul motorcycle trailer. they're only 14.95 per day. hard to beat. I've seen guys pull those to trackdays with jettas, hatchbacks, etc. I've pulled one to a trackday as well, sweet ramp and wheel chock and very easy to use.
  13. jmacas87

    Rotella it is...

    On the Rotella website the T4 is only listed at JASO DH-2 (10W-30 only, 15W-40 shows no JASO Spec), The T6 Full Synthetic is still listed as JASO MA/MA2. Additionally the T6 Multi-Vehicle 5w-30 only shows JASO DH-2. Here is the website, http://rotella.shell.com/products.html straight from the T4 triple protection webpage....yo have it backwards. 15w-40 is ok 10w-30 not listed for MA/MA2. http://rotella.shell.com/products/rotella-triple-protection.html for t6 http://rotella.shell.com/products/t6-full-synthetic.html With all due respect, look a little closer That said I agree with the post above. People have been using these oils for way too long with success for us to have any doubt that people who want to use it in their bikes should have no problem.
  14. jmacas87

    trailer hitch carrier

    I recently carried my <300lb dual sport home using my highlander on a hitch carrier. Technically the car's tongue weight is rated at 500lbs. since I have a tow package. (10% of 5000) In my opinion though I would rather not carry it like that on my vehicle. The back sags a bit too much for my liking. If it was a body on frame truck or suv maybe, but even then. I'd rather plan to just build one of those harbor freight folding trailiers. Decently storable and much easier on the tongue weight and very easy to pull. I wouldn't recommend loading our closer to 400 lb bike, plus the weight of the carrier on your small/mid SUV.
  15. jmacas87

    Rotella it is...

    Rotella T4 15w-40 and T6 5w-40 synthetic ARE JASO MA/MA2 rated. I've used both T4 and T6 in all my bikes with no issues at all. Save money and change it often and keep that fresh oil feeling without breaking the bank. A jug of the T4 is like 15 bucks or something at wally world.

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