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  1. For those of you that have built up an 07R, I want your input. Or those of you who track you FZ as it is. (Yes, I'm going to convert my 07 to an 07R) I am currently buying some parts, and when I get another bike for the street, I will pull the trigger on the body work and some other AP goodies! YAY! My intended use is just track days, no racing, so not subjected to any rules of that sort. (willow, chuckwalla, thunderhill, and laguna are all likely) My question simply is which front end? Option 1 - The FZ07 front end Upgrade the fork internals Maybe change the MC, but the stock brakes really do feel good enough ( I run ebc pads) Option 2 The R6 swap Upgrade fork internals(more options than the 07) Big time braking upgrade, is it really needed? Honestly, I am leaning towards keeping the stock front end, but DO want input here, I really only want to do this once. I would strongly like to avoid investing in the stock frontend to then yank it all off for the r6 one. Thanks in advance, ~Pete
  2. The way I have taken it is there are a few options 1. Stock 07 front end 2. Stock 07 front end with new internals ohlins, ktech etc 3. Swap for R6 forks 3A. fork internals( R6 stock vs upgraded) 3B. triple(stock vs AP)
  3. botticelli

    Body Position/Bike Setup

    At 6'4" you have some weight to throw around, like me. Im 5'11" and 230. It looks to me that your adding a lot of lean to the bike and having a blast doing it. I would encourage you to get off the the bike more. Hang that ass out in the breeze. The FZ07 has a wide seat and you can take advantage. I always try to have at least a cheek hanging out there. Your torso looks inline with the bike but its tough to tell, the more you move your ass over the easier it is to get you body/torso to the inside, with respect of the bikes centerline. It will let you lean the bike a lot lot less for a given speed, or better yet go a lot faster at the same lean angle. Here is a few of me doing my best to keep my ass off the saddle and on the inside outside arm and elbow extended as much as I can! Look at my suit zipper in relation to the headlight. Looking good my man! ~Pete
  4. I am shopping for a new "car" and rather than a pickup, I'm really inclined to scoop one of these. Ram Promaster City Tradesman SLT Cargo van. I ride a bike every single day to work, so this is literally for going to the track and the occasional need for a cage in my life. For Inspiration show me a pic of your track going setup.
  5. botticelli

    A Single Front Brake Setup?....

    Seems like lot and lots of effort for equivalent-ish performance. If your really set on feel adjustment, then an adjustable MC like a brembo RCS19 could be a good starting point, with the stock everything else. This just seems like a lets do-it to do-it project, definitely possible though.
  6. botticelli

    Show me how you go to the track

    Awesome! Thanks to all that have posted! Please keep it up! Yeah the van is becoming very tempting. I want to do COTA and Laguna seca and so that means overnight travel. the bike and all the goodies can stay in the van while I'm at a hotel. Then at the tracks I just sleep in it. .....
  7. botticelli

    Brake Pads

    I have used em. The EBC have a bit more initial bite on the street, but honestly I have yet to find a better pad than the OEM. Its great for the track, the street, no fade, and the price is right. The EBC's stay strong for long but when they go its all at once. The feel changed and they were in the trash bucket. OEMs for me, if it aint broke .....
  8. I can't promise every day, but maybe that is enough?
  9. botticelli

    Got an itch for a new bike

    The tuono checks all my boxes, big pwr, sounds unreal with a v4 and comfy beyond your wildest dreams, compared to a ss. My only mod was a tail tidy and gas.... If you want a big bike get one. The FZ is amazing, and with the suspension overhaul, it can hang with the rest of the big boys, but it will never make power like a 1k, so if your just missing the suspension then do the suspension, if your missing the magic of 170hp, then you know what to do. Just my .02, also age is just a number
  10. Most bikes are shipped from Yamaha dry in a crate, the dealer assembles the bike and puts fluids in. Yamalube is typically used.
  11. botticelli

    RC's Hooligan Build

  12. Ride it! At 600 bring it in. Modern bikes are amazing, the "break in" is more for you to take it easy and get used to the bike, rather than protecting the motor. These motors are pretty bomb proof. I flogged the shet of of mine, wheelied it out of the dealership, first iol change at 600, every 4k after that. By the book. I have ~80k on this one and another 40k on "my wife's" with the same break in procedure. You'll be fine
  13. botticelli

    1 week owner

    Welcome to the club, and you will be amazed at just how fast this little 700 can be! Keep the rubber side down.
  14. botticelli

    New owner, NJ

    Welcome to the cool kids club!
  15. The pilot road 3's are fantastic as are the Michelin Road 5 but not worth the extra $ over the 3's IMO. If your commuting or not spending too much time on the edges of the tires, get the PR3's. I like the Power RS's and Q3's for the twisty, but they do not last long at all. ~Pete
  16. botticelli

    First Bike First week with it

    welcome to the party, keep the rubber side down!
  17. botticelli

    Rearset recommendation?

    I do have and they are FANTASTIC!!!! over 80k on mine and would buy over end over and over! (I can confirm piece of cake install and 100% compatible with oem brake switch)
  18. I too politely disagree, but here is why. Most seasoned riders can confidently flog a 40 hp bike, that is why they commonly slay the canyons. Its much easier to ride a slow bike (eg the 40hp bikes) really fast and at the limit. than it is to ride a FAST bike (ie the 150-200hpSS) slow. And yes on the street, any street, your usually going way to slow for a 1k. I mean come on, most will do 100mph in 1st. The place for a SS is usually the track. Now even I ride big power bikes on the street, but It is not what the bikes are designed for, and I don't enjoy it as much. I also find lots of people buy power way way to early and they become point and shoot riders, mainly 1k ss riders. BUT!!!! Take a properly skilled rider on a 1k and they will eclipse a rider of equal ability on a smaller bike. For most tracks, a 300 can and usually will out perform the 1000s, for the same reason above. Typically the 300 riders are focused on getting every little ounce pf performance out of the bike, making them more skilled riders, and as a result faster. The guys on the 1ks *CAN* (not always) get lazy, slower corners and fast exits. Now on the street the 1000 has both torque and top end but is so hard to drive that bike at 3/10ths, so so much harder than giving it 10/10ths on say a CBR300 or 7-8/10ths on an SV650. Not that it can't be done, but I takes a rider with some serious skill. (not me) The fastest riders have the slowest wrists.(not me) On the street, why do you think the superduke, tuono, FZ-10, supernakeds, etc, are untouchable in the right hands? They have a big bike motor that is easier to use. Allowing you to maybe ride it at 5-6/10ths. The guy(or gals) that can wring out a 1k ss on the street, at 6-8/10ths.... Untouchable. Remember the story of you and your buddy is just one example, and the fact that hes a better rider on the sv vs the 1k has very little to do with the bikes and a lot more to do with him. He tracks the SV and so knows the bike really well and know the bikes limits and how to exploit them. Its a lot harder on an ss1k. Just my .02
  19. My local guy wants me to buy the ohlins kit. I don't have a track-side guy but do have a local shop near me that I use for all my and my wife's bikes. I also plan to grab some case covers, clipons, parts for the build, etc. I have not yet had the 07 on track, but have changed my pads after getting about 12k. I ride the canyons 2-3x a week, and have a large120 mile daily commute. The first set "lasted" to about 15. I change em every 12, the could last some more, but at 12 they are ready. My wife shot through one set in 9k but shes demonic(brakes crazy late)on the brakes, a byproduct of being very used to the brakes of her Tuono. I bet this bike, with the lost fat from the 07R conversion, could easily do a whole season on a set of pads. 2 or more for the rear depending on your breaking style. I only changed my rears after 40k and really they had ~30% left. Felt no change on the rear.
  20. I ran out of gas for the first time in almost 10 years. Right on the freeway too. Got off on a downhill exit, rolled for a while, as I was downhill for about 3 miles. Started pushing, and actually pushed right by a cop in a speed trap, I got a weird look, I said "Hey I'm not speeding", his response "let me check (Looks at radar gun, nods head) "Nope, you are not speeding" Finally parked it, walked a mile to the gas station, filled a Snapple bottle with .44 cents of petrol and sheleped back to the bike. Pro tip, use a Snapple bottle or two for gas transport, way way cheaper than the $20 Jerry cans they sell at gas stations. Comical..... but hey I got a nice morning walk in.
  21. Brakes I do have SS lines and honestly prefer the OEM pads to the EBC ones I am using now, but after 3 sets of OEM pads, I wanted to try some aftermarkets on the front. The rears I have never varied from the Yamaha pads. The stock brakes have more then enough oomph for my liking, glad to know it does not become a weak point on track. Forks Glad to hear this feedback, I was leaning towards the stock forks with a cartridge upgrade, clad to know its not an expensive compromise. I agree the ready supply of R6 wheels, brakes, pads, and parts is much easier but the more people racing on 07's the more the 07 parts will become cheap and easy to find. I already have 2 sets of wheels for the 07 too, so It looks like the verdict is in. Time to go blow some coin at revzilla Thanks all and will likely have more q's as I build this bad boy up. ~Pete
  22. botticelli

    My Naked FZ-07 Track Build

    You can and WILL drag the $#!T of of the kickstand (and stock pegs) on this bike. My kickstand is 45 shades of rust from being scraped to death, and then rusting up again. I moved to rear-sets to avoid the peg problem. I take the kickstand off for the track days and sometimes remove it for a day in the mountains. What may have happened in the video is he scraped and then came the panic. The panic may have caused a roll-off the throttle or worse a stab at the front brake mid-corner. (cant see his R hand ) It may have not been panic, If he was on stock suspension with terrible body position, then perhaps the kickstand unsettled the bike beyond recovery. BUT...judging but the first "save" with all that head shake, he had an panic and an oh $#!T moment. Then he kissed the pavement. Side-stand's fault, no. Making a mistake because you unexpectedly dragged hard parts, Id'e put my $ here. Just my .02 The kickstand is definitely low, and it will be scraped. On my bike it is the lowest hard point by far. Get used to it.
  23. botticelli

    Looking for stock exhaust.

    If you pay the shipping you can have mine for free. I'm in socal

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