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  1. botticelli

    A Single Front Brake Setup?....

    Seems like lot and lots of effort for equivalent-ish performance. If your really set on feel adjustment, then an adjustable MC like a brembo RCS19 could be a good starting point, with the stock everything else. This just seems like a lets do-it to do-it project, definitely possible though.
  2. botticelli

    Show me how you go to the track

    Awesome! Thanks to all that have posted! Please keep it up! Yeah the van is becoming very tempting. I want to do COTA and Laguna seca and so that means overnight travel. the bike and all the goodies can stay in the van while I'm at a hotel. Then at the tracks I just sleep in it. .....
  3. botticelli

    Brake Pads

    I have used em. The EBC have a bit more initial bite on the street, but honestly I have yet to find a better pad than the OEM. Its great for the track, the street, no fade, and the price is right. The EBC's stay strong for long but when they go its all at once. The feel changed and they were in the trash bucket. OEMs for me, if it aint broke .....
  4. I can't promise every day, but maybe that is enough?
  5. botticelli

    Got an itch for a new bike

    The tuono checks all my boxes, big pwr, sounds unreal with a v4 and comfy beyond your wildest dreams, compared to a ss. My only mod was a tail tidy and gas.... If you want a big bike get one. The FZ is amazing, and with the suspension overhaul, it can hang with the rest of the big boys, but it will never make power like a 1k, so if your just missing the suspension then do the suspension, if your missing the magic of 170hp, then you know what to do. Just my .02, also age is just a number
  6. I am shopping for a new "car" and rather than a pickup, I'm really inclined to scoop one of these. Ram Promaster City Tradesman SLT Cargo van. I ride a bike every single day to work, so this is literally for going to the track and the occasional need for a cage in my life. For Inspiration show me a pic of your track going setup.
  7. Most bikes are shipped from Yamaha dry in a crate, the dealer assembles the bike and puts fluids in. Yamalube is typically used.
  8. botticelli

    RC's Hooligan Build

  9. Ride it! At 600 bring it in. Modern bikes are amazing, the "break in" is more for you to take it easy and get used to the bike, rather than protecting the motor. These motors are pretty bomb proof. I flogged the shet of of mine, wheelied it out of the dealership, first iol change at 600, every 4k after that. By the book. I have ~80k on this one and another 40k on "my wife's" with the same break in procedure. You'll be fine
  10. botticelli

    1 week owner

    Welcome to the club, and you will be amazed at just how fast this little 700 can be! Keep the rubber side down.
  11. botticelli

    New owner, NJ

    Welcome to the cool kids club!
  12. The pilot road 3's are fantastic as are the Michelin Road 5 but not worth the extra $ over the 3's IMO. If your commuting or not spending too much time on the edges of the tires, get the PR3's. I like the Power RS's and Q3's for the twisty, but they do not last long at all. ~Pete
  13. botticelli

    First Bike First week with it

    welcome to the party, keep the rubber side down!

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