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  1. What exactly is your question? If you are scraping your exhaust, it should be pretty easy to tell. Your exhaust will have marks after the ride. If you're worried about damaging the exhaust, ride slower. If not, just keep scraping it.
  2. Trading, like it's already mentioned, should work just fine for you. I'm sure you'll find someone who's bored of their bike's color and wants the change. If not, vinyl wrapping will do the trick. I've done mine and I was really happy with the result. The throttle shouldn't be a problem, it's nothing to worry about. And my personal opinion is that the 07 can be a good starter bike. Here's my bike BTW.
  3. pitapola

    Tall guy mods?

    Yeah, making the bike taller only helps in the sense that it would give bigger clearance so that I can change the stock footpegs for something lower. Good idea with the the foam pad, it's a nice way to test the whole concept before I go on with any actual changes on the seat.
  4. pitapola

    Tall guy mods?

    Thanks for the reply. Does changing the height of the rear suspension affect the geometry or handling of the bike in any way? (sorry if that's a stupid question) I'm currently looking at Ohlins' basic kit and the rear shock is adjustable in extension. So maybe that along with a taller seat would make the ride more comfortable. BTW, I would be interested in your seat, but being from Greece it's usually not cost-efficient to buy something from the states.
  5. 6'3'' rider here. What are the best mods to make a rather small bike like the FZ07 more comfortable for a tall guy? My knees are bent more than I'd like to and it gets rather ucomfortable after some time on the bike. I've thought about changing my footpegs to something like this, but the FZ is already a bike with not much clearance at lean angle and I'm pretty sure this mod would compromise my turning ability even more. The standard footpegs drag pretty easily, so going even lower than that seems like a bad idea. So, what else is there? Making my seat taller? Fiddling with the suspension to make the bike taller? Any ideas?
  6. I'm looking into buying these but I'm a bit concerned about compromising the bike's clearance. Wouldn't these scrape in a much smaller lean angle than the OEMs?
  7. So, money well spent? I'm also thinking about pulling the trigger on that exact same kit.
  8. Not sure the bike will lean past 45 degrees in the first place as the MT-07 doesn't have acres of cornering clearance. Usually, you begin to run into adhesion issues around 45 degrees on most public roads with touring-sport tyres. 45 degrees would be the maximum I would expect a non-sport tyre to withstand on a public road. If you are actually going past 45 degrees, there will not be the slightest hint of a chicken strip on either of the tyres. And they should show clear signs of distress as well. In my experience with the bike, this is definitely true. On a stock FZ07 the metal rods sticking under the pegs will start scraping pretty soon, so I think OP is exaggerating a bit about the lean angle. But you really don't need to be dragging knees for a sport touring tire to reach its limits on a public road. Check your tire pressure more often, make sure the tires are warm before you start pushing and take it easy with the throttle at the exit of the turn. If you want to be more aggressive with the throttle on your turn exit you can try the pick up technique. [video src=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cbQoW3rk2o]
  9. Nice video. Let's face it though, our bike is a special case on the specific subject. The stock exhaust has got to be one of the worst sounding ones. It makes the change to an aftermarket one almost imperative. I've owned three bikes before this one and I'd never felt the need to replace the exhaust. But with the FZ07 I started searching for one right away. Makes the bike sound like a scooter.
  10. Alright, check out the picture of the concept (I fixed it in my post) and tell me if that changes your mind. A Honda VFR with a trellis frame? Where did you find that? That doesn't make sense to me; the brand dna just isn't there, if you know what I mean.
  11. Thank you so much @rxSpeeD, this is exactly what I was looking for. Since I don't have a rear seat cowl, I will be placing mine where the yellow circle is. I shouldn't have a problem with the rear seat blocking too much of the view, right? online photo upload site
  12. I thought you were talking from firsthand experience there, sorry. Yeah, I'll give it a try. It's always better if you can find someone who's been there first and knows what works best, you know? Thanks for the reply anyway.
  13. I was thinking about placing a mount in the rear of the bike to get a view of my body position when on the track. Could you post a pic of the exact location of the mount on your bike and a screenshot or video of the camera's view? It would be a great help. Thanks in advance!
  14. I solved it with a gsxr 1000 Yeah, that would work too I guess.

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