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  1. First semi long ride on my new Triumph,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9KDX80QAnc&t=393s pics and short still video of bike. https://www.facebook.com/790840804284937/videos/1414170895285255/ This bike is not better than an MT07, it is just different, and something I needed to do given the rare opportunity to own one. The MT 07 was a hot rod,especially the way I set it up. It was and is awesome. I sold it for 200 bucks less than I paid for it a year ago, couldn't turn it down. And well the Triumph was my destiny actually.
  2. I'll be around, great people on this site, a lot of mutual respect which you don't see on other forums. I want to do an objective comparison of the MT07 and Bonny. pointing out in a positive way the differences, and they are profoundly different and similar at the same time. Vids to follow sure.
  3. HA HA, yes it was probably inevitable, being old school... literally. I'll never bash the MT 07, it was and is an awesome machine, but after tuning it to perfection, it began to scare me, it was so how to say, highly tuned, like a track bike. I found myself having to ride it fast to make it rideable, going slow was not an option. Fine for one up fast touring, but for anything else overkill here. Truth be told I was looking for a Triumph when I bought the MT, but they were not being imported to the Philippines at that time. The MT 07 was actually the closest cheapest modern equivalent to be had. Complete with 270 degree crank parallel twin configuration. With more Torque than HP the Street twin delivers its power fro 0 to 120 KPH, where as the MT was perfectly happy at 180 KPH, so you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. And I should add I got an offer I couldn't refuse, 200 bucks less than I paid for it a year ago. of course less upgrades, but you really can't count those in resale value.
  4. farewell guys, I just sold my MT 07, and bought a Triumph Street Twin, light years retro it suits me better and is a direct descendant of my first motorcycle, a 1965 Triumph TT Special. just 50 years ago. Thanks for all the help and advice received this past year, I'll be lurking around here no doubt. I'll post a pic when I get it.
  5. you got that right pretty on the outside, but unknown entity inside, I'm not getting either of the Gears Racing setups. will get the Nitron at 600 bucks delivered from the UK to Philippines, the equalizer for me is the 100 bucks shipping, the Gears had my attention because they offer free shipping to Philippines from Taiwan, but were unable to answer questions, other than offering only one spring, if you look at the site, and I am no expert on suspension, it looks like the 900 dollar model has a lot going for it and it is not a direct comparison for the other entry level shocks mentioned. but no remote preload option either. just thought it was interesting to pass along the info.
  6. Well, I have one last modification on my MT-07, rear shock. I sort of already mentally committed on a Nitron NTR R1 Sport base model vs: the Ohlins STX 46 mostly on the deal I can get (2-300 bucks cheaper), the differences are most likely semantic, given they are emulsion street shocks. That said there are some nice shocks coming out of Taiwan now . Gears Racing, who are distributing to the US and sponsoring some riders there. Shocks look good, but have one fixed spring rate, not sure how critical that is unless you are a big guy over 200 pounds. Bur their shocks are basically equivalent to the higher end Ohlins or Nitron with remote reservoir, and independently adjustable rebound, damping, for a couple hundred dollars less. In the final analysis for me, a bolt on street use shock from Ohlins or Nitron seems adequate,and reputable since I ride alone, don't race and probably don't NEED all that extra adjust-ability.The improvement over the stock unit will most likely be profound. pic of the lower end Gears racing 600 bucks, they, as an Asian company don't give a lot of info on there adverts, they have a FB page of all things and a link there to a price and spec website. https://gears-racing-gear.myshopify.com/products/yamaha-fz07-mt07-gears-ev2-rear-suspension. both shocks require cutting or removal of the tire hugger chain gaurd. There EV 2 shock 900 bucks. https://gears-racing-gear.myshopify.com/products/yamaha-fz07-mt07-gears-h2-rear-suspension
  7. My speedo is correct on my 07 and 09.. You must have bad unit! There is no "bad unit" they vary in accuracy, its why they allow a 5-10% positive error to cover their butt, it actually is mandated I believe by some manufacturers regulations. Hondas are the worst historically with some reading 15% or more positive.
  8. another opinion on gearing, 0-60 times are highly subjective for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is rider weight, so comparing these times is not necessarily valid. Addressing the torque curve is not a bad idea, but choose your goal carefully, 6th gear is already weak in my opinion on the MT/FZ, gearing up will aggravate this situation. If you spend most of your time around town or small curvy roads then this is less the issue, and decreasing revs in any given lower gear will of course impact your mileage in a positive way. There are ways to increase both acceleration and top speed by a gear change, but it is not common, Usually to do this you need not only to change the ratio, but the pitch/size of the chain must be decreased, which allows for a fast spin up due to decreased rotating mass. But to be sure this is a very small advantage and decreasing chain size also decreases its longevity. Pick your poison. I worked a lot on 200cc bikes using all these ideas and had some interesting results. However,The larger the bike cc's, the less the difference. The problem I see with the MT/FZ 07 is the disparity between the lower gear ratios and the top 2, 5th and 6th, where the bike seems to die (relatively speaking) Gearing commander (http://www.gearingcommander.com/) is a very valuable tool for COMPARING gear ratios but keep in mind top speeds are theoretical not taking into account real world variables, inputting tire size is also possible which is another way to change your gearing, both of which are finite changes, not dynamic.
  9. Hey got another set of Bar end mirrors this time round convex and retractable for lane splitting cheap Chinese knock off of the branded ones, but these are pretty good quality. they vibrate just a tiny bit, but acceptable. I have to admit convex on these round ones is the way to go, less adjustment, and I can see the tail of my bike from both mirrors. I would rate them a step above the first ones I got in most aspects except the small vibration at certain rpms. Ebay 12 dollars and free shipping. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-3-Round-7-8-1-Handle-Bar-End-Rearview-Fold-Mirrors-For-Suzuki/262573043618?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  10. If you are in Orange County you are very near FTECU these are the people who make the flash software that Nels at 2WDW's uses for Yamahas. They also race tune bikes, perhaps it would be worthwhile inquiring with them about dyno tuning.They used my ECU as a test bed recently to extract the base readings for the MT07. They flashed my bike with Nel's flash and added the Active tune Lambda sensor and software module.
  11. not a wall rack, but my home made saw horses. From Philippine Luan mahogany very handy forvarious tasks.
  12. rhb

    Today's Philippine ride

    I think the MT07 is sorta light and playful... There are many kinds of Grom clones here mostly from Thailand and China, as well as Groms. original. But I see your point having owned several 200cc class bikes here, it can be fun wringing out a 200cc bike at full throttle to it's max, rather than having to exercise throttle management.
  13. Today's Ride Consolacion to Tabuelan Cebu via the Lugo -Tabuelan road. One of my favorite sections of roads in Cebu. I took time to stop and record some pictures of the traffic less conditions, great chicanes, and sweepers.Fun fun fun. Met a German rider from Samar on route with a huge BMW ADV with full cases. we rode together for a few kilometers. He saw me stopped to take pictures and slowed down to ask if I was alright, great biker camaraderie. turn around point Back home for a beer with a friend lightshot
  14. I would say not .5 HP but a 5 -8 HP, plus improvement overall mid range performance, not trivial to those of us who enjoy a well tuned machine. The Yamaha engineers are only constrained by price point which generalizes the performance curves to be within budget applied to the average rider. As an engineering student byou understand the role of engineering is to bring to the table the best solution for the least amount of money. Anybody can design something outstanding for an unlimited budget.
  15. WOW! Now that's a war story! If it were me I would probably ride that road with a little speed on the way and poke along on the way back to just take in the scenery. What an awesome place for breakfast, the food and the view! I hate you .... B-| 6 years ago I only owned a Yamaha 125 YBR, no larger bikes were available locally, traveling on that bike made a nice scenic trip, going slow and stopping along the way to take photos.

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