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    Caberg helmets....

    Yes. I only had two helmets ever. One was an old MX helmet I wore ATVing. The other was the dual sport. I have a Sena SMH10R that I had mounted in both the dual sport and this new one. The dual sport I struggled to hear my buddies over 60mph, at 70mph I could hear nothing. This last ride I had the Caberg, we reached speeds up to 90+ and I can hear them talk. With the neck piece and the way the padding fits around your ears it feels like an over the ear headphone. You do hear wind noise blowing pass the visor but it’s not in the helmet. I just purchased some riding earplugs to cut down on that wind noise at speed. We’ll see how they work. Overall I’m really happy with it and wish I had more to compare it too but I don’t. Hope this helps.
  2. rednipj

    Caberg helmets....

    I would say my head is more of a round. From the size chart I was right in the middle of M & L. Went with the large of course. Fits really nice and a whole lot quieter than my old clearance helmet. The only complaints I have, but can live with, is the face piece is a little to close to my face. I have a hard time getting it on over my nose. The piece is thick and it scraps my nose as I’m pulling it on. This is cured by lifting the front before putting it on. Slips right on. But while riding that face piece still feels a little too close. I can push my chin out and touch the hard plastic. Makes me think if I have an impact to the front of the helmet it’s still going to smash my chin and possibly break my nose. Still better than not have anything.
  3. rednipj

    Caberg helmets....

    I’ve done it. Initial thoughts is this thing is really nice. A lot nicer than my other helmet. But my other was a cheap dual sport helmet on clearance. I’ll be switching my Sena over and hopefully be able to try this thing out soon
  4. The scoops look like they're vinyl wrapped. They have a carbon fiber look to it.
  5. rednipj

    PSA: Speeding

    I talked to the traffic cops here at the local sheriff dept. They look for 15 over. The state officers look for 10 over. That's in SW Florida.
  6. rednipj

    WA cager rant

    Then they all get old and move down here to Florida..!
  7. Harley puts it in movies to try and help it sell. With CGI it has lots of performance...
  8. rednipj

    Harley-Davidson Street Rod

    The weight is the only thing that's too high. It's priced higher than the FZ07's big brother, the FZ09.
  9. A couple of more pics... I finally got a chance to watch this movie with my boys last weekend and notice this bike looked a little familiar...
  10. Is this the bike? Captain America - Civil War Looks to be a prototype of the production Street Rod. Gif's not working. It shows the front to side...
  11. rednipj

    Caberg helmets....

    Yeah...I touched on this in my initial post. This doesnt mean its made of paper-mache and eggshell paste. The ECE standard is, as far as Ive read, tight as DOT and is also legal in Alberta Canada. WOOT! See, we canucks got some things of importance sorted out. Yeah, I'm looking for a new helmet. I was looking at the Bell Revolver, which is similar to this but I'm liking the looks of this one better. I just wished I could use in the states...
  12. rednipj

    Caberg helmets....

    Nice. $220 to $250 isn't a bad price either, but "WARNING: This helmet is not homologated for use in the United States of America and Canada. The helmet has been homologated according to the European Standard requirement ECE 22.05; therefore the use of this helmet is allowed only in the countries/nations where the homologation standard ECE/ONU 22.05 is in force" It's not US DOT certified...
  13. The thing is, that Indian Scout 1200 is only about 40lbs heavier than this HD 750 street rod. The Harley needs a diet. It's almost a full person heavier than the FZ07. It's definitely a hog... ?

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