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  1. optytrex

    bolt access?

    Dude, this is awesome...I'm going to do this, maybe add some locktite to the threads and call it a day
  2. optytrex

    bolt access?

    Sorry I've been searching and searching on and off for a while now but can't seem to find a way to filter the search function to find this. Could you point me in the right direction? For now, I've just kind of dealt with it and had to use ball-end, T handle hex keys like rick says. That's really worked out alright I guess...
  3. optytrex

    Custom DIY Seat

    Don't mean to revive an old thread but here we go. I've taken mine apart a long time ago and shaved a bit off of the stock foam to make it more comfortable, but all it does is make it bearable. I'm curious to see if you've experimented with this and if you're so kind as to share your results. I'm wondering what kind of foam to buy as I'm not digging the stock seat after about 30-40 minutes of riding...
  4. Thanks for the help guys, I definitely won't be messing with anything that's not maybe just that Aussie lowering link (big maybe there). And good idea. I will have her play teeter totter on the FZ before she learns to actually use it. For now, I think I'll just do the boots (we're gonna get boots regardless for safety) and just see how she does with just that. And if I need to install that lowering link I'll keep everyone posted on the process. Never done it but I'd be willing to purchase the manual on it and see how hard it can be xD
  5. gregjet...that Aussie dogbone is the nicest I think I've seen and would definitely be the way to go in my book and once installed easy to change ride height for someone with longer legs or more confidence. My homemade proof of concept dogbone link, works just as you described. Oh man, I've got to start fabricating. This is some of the best stuff I've seen that could really come in handy! Might end up doing or buying something like this if I end up getting lowering links for the FZ!
  6. Wow lots of awesome replies in the short time I've been offline @markster, I've got no experience fabricating things. Just planning to purchase my MIG welder so that's all for the future. Would like to see proper protection for this bike but I'm not about to attempt to fabricate it quick yet. This is the lowering link I'd seen but I'm definitely not considering it as it's way too much. I'm only looking for a half inch or so more to the ground. I'm not looking to cruiser the poor thing: https://www.amazon.com/T-Rex-Racing-2014-2016-Adjustable-Kickstand/dp/B01CITTVYG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1503092980&sr=8-1&keywords=fz+07+t+rex+lowering+link Thanks for the great tip regarding the sump and the quicker steering. I'll keep that in mind regardless of who uses the bike. @r4gnar, That HyperPRO kit is a great idea. Right now, only about another half inch or so matters (the boots'll bring her up another inch so it's not much more that I need) @robbo10, I don't want to shorten the side stand unless I need to use lowering links/springs/etc. and I'm hoping it doesn't come to it. Thanks for the tip though, I'll keep an eye on it. @gregjet asirhvnacrvlkjasopirvmksdarlkjgnvwiuaerkjlanfviojkaernsvaijksrnavsljkarfnva grrrrr!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I NEVER LOOK THINGS UP BASED OF THE MT VERSION!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have GOT to start searching things up for this bike like that. Lowering the front forks that way seems rather easy though. I haven't seen too many parts diagrams and haven't take any other forks apart other than my old CBR's old school forks but it seems fairly straight forward. And those adjustable links look super solid. Just the link itself is a good idea. Thanks for the info overall. @motomeek, all too true, just looking to make it a bit more comfortable for the Mrs. while she learns. Of all the things I'm doing to the bike, this is the one I'm emphasizing on the most. @SkH, I love riding, always have and probably always will. This has all been my idea since the day she said she wanted to learn. I'm just making sure she has the best possible experience on 2 wheels so she ends up loving it as much or more than I do. Definitely don't want to force anything on her. Believe me guys, the whole wanting-to-learn thing is all her. I'm the one just wanting to make sure she can reach the ground. I learned on a bike too tall for myself and just know it was the only thing I wish I could've changed. That's why I'm making sure she has other grips not related to her height.
  7. I wish I could fabricate my own stuff. I am just planning on buying a welder to start with things like that. I do have a drill press and a grinder and several other tools but no experience actually fabricating things other than simple brackets and the like. Will start a project on my old CBR 600 f2 soon. I thought I could manage to move the forks up in their clamps but figured more than an inch will probably run into handle bar issues not turning from lock to lock. But I'll try lowering it a little (about a half an in or so) and see how it turns out. I may purchase a lowering link but don't want anything cheap or crap in quality (unfortunately that usually means very expensive :'( ). I would only like to lower it maybe .5 - 1.5 inches more total but haven't searched a good lowering link. Some I've seen are 3 inch lowering kits and I'm really not interested (for reasons you've already mentioned + more). Any suggestions?
  8. Totally agree with you buddy. Just that I know the newbie concern of not being able to flat foot both sides. I suppose we've all been there and later we realize the truth eventually. She'll find out eventually I'm sure. She's 5 feet tall give or take an inch. Not exactly sure how to measure inseam but I'm about to google it lol
  9. Also going to donate the bike to my wife so protecting using these things before she gets her license: http://www.t-rex-racing.com/catalog.php?RideID=1458&RideDescr=Yamaha/FZ07/2013%20-%202015 You can get a slightly better price with amazon prime by just searching them on amazon (ex. fz-07 t-rex, etc.)
  10. I'm game for this awesome idea: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PRELOAD-FRONT-FORK-BOLT-YAMAHA-FZ6-FZ6R-2016-2017-adjust-fork-caps-/253027777308?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 And before anyone says it's not for the fz-07... http://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/detail/yamaha/1d0-23111-00-00/b1150586?m=157944&sch=953134 Considering this to decrease seat height/increase comfort and more importantly set sag on both ends correctly
  11. Hello ladies and gents, Giving this bike to my wife to learn on and I've been making a few adjustments to make the bike lower and better set it to her height and weight. So far: -I've taken the OEM vinyl wrap off and sanded down the OEM foam to take that tough top layer off. I could go further with this mod -- this gave us about an extra inch and a muuuuuuuuch more comfortable seat -I've set the rear suspension to the lowest setting (I know it's pretty low stock at 3 but I set it to 1) -- this gave us about a half an inch or so closer to the ground Will get her the proper riding boots for an extra in or so of reach and protection as well as a rider course to instill confidence but the next mods are quite serious and affect the dynamics of the bike. From what I understand, the front forks can't be lowered without some serious modding (either grinding down the spacers or swapping out the OEM springs with something customized for her) and next is a lowering link or rear suspension customization/swap. I guess the question here would be if there are any more simple things I can do to make sure she can reach the ground comfortably and learn on this bike in relative safety. Any suggestions?
  12. optytrex

    FZ-07 Checking your oil level

    By the way guys, if you're able to flat foot both sides then just lean over (be sure to have your one piece ) and take a picture of the sight glass. So long as both feet are flat you know you're more or less level and oil should be in view. It's not insanely important to have an exact oil level (you put the exact amount when you changed the oil remember?); it's just a way of making sure you don't run low. It's why you have a range and not a set amount.
  13. optytrex

    FZ-07 Checking your oil level

    I totally agree. Center stands are so useful. It's basically means having a center stand with you at all times and it never gets in the way of removing a wheel if you need to.
  14. optytrex

    Handlebar options

    Wouldn't it just be nice if you could try out different bars? otherwise how the hell does anyone know what to get? Don't mean to vent but I hate this stupid guessing game

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