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  1. I have located a bike specific Auto blipper and quickshifter. It's from IRC
  2. So I decided to pull out the autotune considering I don't need it anymore. After about a 40km ride trying on purpose to put it in the scenario where it happens and it seems to have been fixed. More riding will tell me more but so far so good. It's very weird though it should not have affected it.
  3. I just spoke to who did my flash and dyno and they said I can eliminate the autotune now so I'll try that first it might be trying to make changes
  4. So it was doing it with the pc5 and autotune prior to getting the dyno. After the dyno which included a flash for the injector shut off on decel and a pc5 tune, it still does it.
  5. Anyone having a problem with cruising around 4000-5000 rpm and then give it gas but it bogs down and then finally shoots off like a rocket. It will even stall occasionally at idle, with slightly erratic idle. FYI I've got akrapovic exhaust and hordpower filter, as well as pc5 and autotune. I just recently had it dyno like 4 days ago but it still does it. Any ideas. I don't particularly like going to the dealer so would love some input on things to check before I go to the dealer.
  6. It does not sit lower. I didn't use the r1 rim I used r6 (it's just what was available). It was not really possible to use factory rim ...I tried the inside and outside dimensions of the wheel bearings required were not available anywhere. I'll likely get them powder coated at some point. Yes you could mount handlebars as it's a factory fz09 upper Triple, I actually use the risers to mount my guage.. The only issue I'm having is not related to the forks. The engine seems to bog down significantly around 4000-5000 rpm. Even after my dyno it did not fix. Not sure what it could. It will even stall at idle occasionally.
  7. paolojac

    R6 Fork Swap

    I did r1 but used fz09 stem and upper Triple it allowed me to use factory bearings. Be aware that I found out after the fact that I had to weld my stem into the lower.
  8. paolojac

    R6 front-end

    I've put an r1 let me tell you its fantastic. But definitely did not end up being cheap. Cost is at minimum 3 times as much as internals
  9. paolojac

    R6 suspension swap

    I searched long and hard for bearings that would work on my r1 swap. None are available with correct inside and outside dimensions. I ended up using r6 wheels will get them powder coated at some point
  10. paolojac


    Im considering something like the cyclops just wondering how much space it takes up behind the headlight I put an lsl urban headlight on my bike and now have some space behind but not a lot
  11. Couple of cool pics I took over the weekend
  12. paolojac

    R1 front suspension swap

    Just moved my shock reservoir as per Rick good call for saying it's in harms way.

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