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  1. Good luck! At the Sept 4th BIR track day - Katie chewed me out for not wearing my wrist band, and her husband lapped me. Good times.
  2. Keep in mind the insurance difference of the type of bike you are talking about too. The situation can quickly switch from an inexpensive, reliable, yet still fun toy to a really fun bike that is tough to afford. It does no good to have a really fun toy, if you can't comfortably afford to enjoy it.
  3. Some people add an auto clutch and then a left hand rear brake on their offroad bikes - that might be another option?
  4. letitsnow

    Too soon? Too much?

    And, your form on the atv looks pretty good - maybe you wanna try racing those? where to host images
  5. letitsnow

    Too soon? Too much?

    You can't see it, but I have leathers on under the winter clothing....
  6. letitsnow

    2017 race season invite

    I will be there for my free lunch!
  7. letitsnow

    New Guy Debating Buying FZ07

    The Fz-07 is a great bike, but I picked it (over the 3 cyl yamahas) because the motor is wider on the 900 - which bugged me while sitting at stoplights etc. If I were a bigger guy, I'd have picked the 900.

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