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  1. baron

    2017 Arkansas Fall Rally

    Wondering how it is in Arkansas Police wise? In Cali there are lots of places to ride at your skill limit with little worry of speed traps. Growing up in Virginia (40 years ago the police were brutal to young guys on motorcycles with traps everywhere. Just wondering if Arkansas is a pretty open place to ride or must one be constantly expecting small town and country road speed traps. I'll be there in Nov for the Ozark Folk fest
  2. baron

    Salvage Value?

    Got a low mileage replacement bike. All put together for the wife. Exhaust, white levers, fly screen, tail tidy, flash ecu swapped, crash bobbins, white chinese front turn signals, integrated tail tidy. Our friend who crashed the old bike is finally out of the hospital and back home with a long road of phys therapy.
  3. baron

    Salvage Value?

    Well the bike is a total. the frame head where the triple tree goes is tweaked. It looks like the rider's insurance will handle a claim so they will take it. Our friend is still in the ICU, still sedated but they hope to take out the tubes today and let her wake up fully. Severe head trauma, several broken vertebrae, a few broken ribs and a broken arm. Ride Safe everyone. Honor your skill limits.
  4. My wife let her friend ride her 2015 fz07 on friday and she crashed it. She ran out of a corner and it went down in the desert dirt, but the Front forks are bent and there are some body scratches. but most of the bike seems perfectly fine. frame is good, wheels are good. brake parts and engine all good. even the handlebars are fine, just the brake lever slightly bent. We didn't have collision insurance, So the dilemma is whether to fix it or sell it for salvage and get her a new ABS model. any advice or info on what a crashed bike like this might be worth would be appreciated. It's at the dealer now getting a repair estimate so I can't post any pics just yet. and our friend is still in the ICU at Desert regional with a bad concussion (yes she had a helmet)

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