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  1. About $8.5 /gal (15% ethanol, nothing else available)
  2. bugeyes

    Yamaha comfort seat

    The comfort seat is different to the stock as it has more meat at the front so you don't slide into the tank, also the suface is different and you do not slide easily on it. I think you would like it from what you describe
  3. Yes, the rear was the biggest improvement so put the prio there
  4. bugeyes

    2018 MT-07

    Yes I would not want to give up my Ohlins suspension, comfort seat etc but would probably never bought them if the stock item were better
  5. bugeyes

    2018 MT-07

    What did they do? EDIT: Checked it out and those are nice upgrades. Would have saved me expensive seat and suspension upgrades.
  6. You did not damage anything and made all the right decisions in the situation
  7. bugeyes

    Oh Dear God, Please do not let this happen

    We have lots of those 3 wheelers over here in EU. There's only one reason to buy one and that is that they count as cars and does not require an MC license. They tilt just like a 2 wheeler in the turns and does not behave like the CanAm at all, feels just like riding a bike. They exist only because of the hole in the EU regulations for what a car or a bike is, no other reason.
  8. Maybe bad wording, but he can adjust the load on the pressure plate.
  9. Think you will need to replace the clutch. What the mech did was probably to adjust the clutch not to slip by releasing som tension on the springs and that will only last a while.
  10. Tried adjusting the wire? I can't figure out from your explaination if it travels 2 cm free and applies close to the handle or the other way around.
  11. Having had it for a while now I start to feel that the forks are a bit too stiff, might go for a ligher oil for next season.
  12. After four months now I'm still happy with the seat compared to stock. It's still firm and havn't "broken in" much so if you look for a plush seat this is not what you want. After an hour and a half or so I need to rest my butt but my nuts are fine I like the red stitches that goes well with a couple of other red accents on my otherwise dark grey bike.
  13. I messed with those foams on sunday. The smaller ones was not enough to always push the control back to neutral position, when that is not done I need to do the cancel move before I can activate it in the same direction again. The bigger ones too much and made it impossible to activate the signal. I tried different cuts shaving off a little each time from the big ones but did not get it to work perfectly, ended up with foam confetti. Found a piece of foam from a package that I started elaborating with, this foam was softer and I cut bigger pieces and it immediatly solved the problem. The softer foam expands enough to push back the control and compresses enough to activate the signal. I love having the thing and it works surprisingly well. I will over the winter hibernation solder the connections as it's bulky with all those connetors and it was hard to get the headlight back on. The electrical installation was not too difficult, most of the time used was spent on getting the headlight back in place and adjusting those foams. You will need a DC voltmeter to figure out which one of the cables to the running light is +12V as both of the cables is black. That was the only use I had for the multimeter on this installation, the rest was in the instructions. I took pictures during the work and if anyone have use for them I can post them.
  14. You know you can adjust the foam pads size to adjust the responsiveness of your turn signal switch... Just saying Yes, I contacted them and got tips about this, will try.

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