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  1. http://i.imgur.com/3OvNmyd.jpg Weekend project supplies have arrived. Thanks to Jake TheGardenSnake for the DNA kit!
  2. I could have swore I had pushed it around in gear while it was off before so I thought something had been screwed up when I changed the clutch perch. At any rate thanks; I just rode it to work Weather im the midwest is stellar right now!
  3. Just wanted to see if this is a universal thing with our bikes or something else was going on. When my bike is in gear, with the engine off and the clutch fully pulled in I cannot push the bike forward without a LOT of resistance. However, if I start the bike and put it into gear, with the clutch lever pulled in, I can push the bike normally as if it was in neutral. What causes this and is it anything to be concerned with?
  4. Update: In case anyone runs into this issue later on down the line and finds this thread; you do in fact need the spacer to disengage the clutch fully. I reached out to Josh at RSC and he was able to reply and get it sorted. As it turns out the FZ07 and FZ09 are the first production bikes to his knowledge that require the spacer to operate properly. The weather is really nice here in the midwest for a few days so I'll have to swap the stock perch system back on in the meantime. At least I wasn't lazy and removed the perch by sliding it off after removing the grip/controls rather than just destroying the clamp.
  5. I bought an RSC lever a few months back and just recently went to install it. The problem I'm having is the clutch does not fully disengage now with the new clutch lever/perch. I tried adjusting at both ends and still cannot get it to disengage enough to let me push the bike in gear with the clutch pulled. I've seen at least one member here say they installed the lever and was wondering how they got the setup to work. They do make a "spacer" that pushes the lever about 1/4" further from the bar and I'm wondering if that's needed on our bikes to allow a longer pull and therefore full disengagement. Although on the site is says this is not needed and only for those that want the engagement point further away. Here's their site for anyone who's wondering: http://www.righteousstuntmetal.com/international/levers.html
  6. Hey I know this thread is pretty old at this point but I had a quick question. Did you use a spacer when you installed your RSC lever? I just installed mine and the clutch will not fully disengage no matter how I adjust the cable (evident by trying to push the bike in gear with the lever fully pulled). I've tried both the lever side adjuster and down near the clutch itself. It's just as if there's not enough travel in the lever to fully disengage the plates. I'm hoping a spacer would be able to fix this; allowing the lever to be pulled further.

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