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  1. Thought I'd see if anyone else has had any issues with the EJK. My bike had a SD-13 error, then ran like crap. So bad that it wouldn't idle on its own. So called a mobile mechanic out, he bypassed the EJK, reconnected the O2 sensor and she ran well. So obviously not the MAP sensor as indicated by the SD error. Reconnected the EJK, put in recommended settings, then seemed to run fine for 1 day. Now it won't even start. This is after 3000 KMs of no trouble... Annoying really. SC Project Ceramic Black Exhaust K&N filter Snorkel Removed O2 Unplugged EJK Fuel Controller Braided Red Brake Lines Yoshimura Tail Tidy TMT Integrated Tailight LED front signals
  2. clintfish

    SD-13 Error Code

    Sweet thanks guys. Bikes stuck at my place so I'll be looking to do it at home. Anyone got the service manuals?
  3. Hey all. So I've had the SD-13 code displayed. Now my bike will start, then shut off maybe 1 second after ignition. I understand that it is a short or problem with the Air Pressure Sensor. Just wondering if anyone has fixed it on there own. It's only a $30ish part, but I'd like to hear if it easy or not? Thanks in advance ?

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