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  1. edgar

    Blown signal relay??

    Update: I changed all the red 10 fuses and it seems to be working now. Gonna check on it every few hours
  2. edgar

    Blown signal relay??

    Ok update, threw out the crappy LEDs and put in the regular bibles signals from cycle gear. Got them all connected, turned the bike on, clicked the signals and they worked. But then I went to turn on the hazards and boom it blew the fuse again. This is the 10A parking fuse. What's my next move guys? I made sure no wires are bare/exposed Could it be the relay? How can I tell if the flasher relay is bad?
  3. edgar

    Blown signal relay??

    I think I clicked right and it blew right away. I'm gonna change the signals out right now and see if that changes anything. If not, I'll have to find a mobile mechanic on Craigslist. Bleh.
  4. edgar

    Blown signal relay??

    No there's nothing plugged into the aux, i know for sure because I had the left plastic off last night. So I just put a new fuse into the 10A park slot, turned the bike on, clicked the signals and it popped/blew right away. Damn it.
  5. edgar

    Blown signal relay??

    Two fuses are blown, the park and the auxiliary. Going to autozone right now to get new ones and hopefully it works. If not I'm screwed because I don't wanna deal with electrical gremlins
  6. edgar

    Blown signal relay??

    My bikes blinkers decided to take a crap today also. My fault for putting crappy Chinese led blinkers and not replacing the relay I suppose. So tomorrow I'm going to try and find a new relay for regular bulbs (going back to stock lights) and I'll have to check the fuses also. Forgive my lack of knowledge but is a fuse for this bike something particular or could I walk into autozone or even cycle gear and find the fuses there??? Thanks for any info
  7. edgar

    Fuel gauge off

    Yer basing that on the specs for a full tank. I think you'll find that Yamaha was a bit, erm, optimistic listing a 3.7 gallon capacity. 3.4 gallons (maybe even 3.3) is probably more accurate. With such a small tank, you to get a feel for how much is left at a specific gauge reading - don't expect it to be liner as the inside of the tank is not. My Futura will use 2 + gallons of it's 5.3 gallon capacity before the gauge no longer reads Full. You should easily be able to see 60+ mpg if you are gentle on the throttle. I saw 72 mpg on one tankful while I was keeping revs down early on. Even with revs well up in 3rd and 4th gear on one ride last summer, I saw 65mpg. It's sorta surreal - and frankly, hard to get used to - going nearly 200 miles and using so little fuel. Who knows what was done with your wiring loom. But I'd think you'd have no fuel gauge at all if the wires were not reconnected. Ok, thanks guys. I'll be basing it off the trip monitor and then hurry my ass up to a gas station when I hit the yellow fuel light
  8. edgar

    Fuel gauge off

    Ok so this is something that generally happens with most bikes then? This is my first "real bike," I came from a ruckus and grom which were surprisingly accurate in the fuel gauge. I don't know, I just think that the fuel gauge being on the last tick and me still having 2 gallons in the tank is pretty far off haha. I suppose I could just go off my trip meter. We're supposed to get roughly 150 miles out of the tank right?
  9. Ok so I've been meaning to ask here for awhile now but I always forget. So my FZ (2015) was purchased used, seller wasn't completely honest with me, surprise surprise, and I found that all the wiring behind the headlight has been cut up and crimped back together. I'm assuming he effed up the headlight and Mickey Moused it all back together but who knows. Anyway, the fuel gauge has always been off. For example today I had only one bar left in the fuel gauge but when I put gas in it, it only fit 1.3 gallons. Obviously we know it's a 3 gallon tank so you can see the issue here. I'm preparing to take some longer rides as the spring comes so I want this taken care of Where do I start? What do I look at/replace. I'm not a mechanic but I can do basic things and have a decent amount of tools. Any help is GREATLY appreciated

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