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  1. Current gear: Shoei X-14 Dianese Horizon Jacket (with chest and back armor) Dianese Horizon Pants Dianese AirMesh Gloves Alpinestars SMX-1 Boots (soon to be Dianese TRQ-Tour boots, mainly because the shortness of my SMX1's and the way the horizon pants end at the ankle make me look kind of silly.) Other than the pants, I put all of this on even if I'm just going the 1/4 mile up the street to my local 7/11 and back. If I intend on riding quick or am leaving town, I throw on the pants.
  2. KamelReds

    Ear Peace Ear Plugs Review

    It's not just 10-15dB through the entire frequency range, it specifically attacks the low and high ends of the range hardcore and only cuts the "mids" 10-15dB. I've been using EarPeace for a long time and they work great IMO. I was using my Shure SE425's with my Sena, but with the yellow foam on them (cuts by 32dB) they isolate too much.
  3. Ha! I just meant that it was 8hrs with no stops. The whole trip would have probably taken closer to 10. xD
  4. Thanks! Yeah, unfortunately it's not a first for me either. I didn't know about the two brothers until I was down there, but it's a section of roads west of the three sisters -- it includes fm674(great road, crazy amounts of wildlife), fm334, and sh55 to bring the two together. We camped at Kickapoo caverns which is on 674 and basically got to ride the two brothers everyday. Absolutely fantastic ride. Also, if you haven't rode it, check out sh39. I have officially dubbed it wildflower highway -- it is absolutely beautiful! Not too technical of a ride, wildflowers everywhere, and it follows the Guadeloupe south fork. I think it's actual name is Texas Hill Country Trail.
  5. Did a camping/riding trip to the Three Sisters and Two Brothers in Texas Hill Country. It was an intense ride down (we got lost, made it a 700mi ride) and a great ride/exploration around the three sisters on Friday. Sadly, it ended with my buddy crashing on literally the only turn on FM336 that the outside of the corner wasn't a cliff face. He's fine, just a broken clavicle, bruised ego, and the bike just needs plastics. It could have been muuuuuch much worse. Picture dump commence! All in all, even with the trip being cut short, we covered about 1400 miles in two days. We had planned on our third day of picking three sections of the sisters and setting up cameras along them, obviously we didn't get to that. In a way, I was kind of glad that he wrecked because it saved us from the 8hr(with no stops) ride that we had planned on the way back -- it would have been brutal, but we would have got it done.
  6. I don't know man, this is a pretty good route:
  7. Did a test fit of the motocentric bags I bought a couple months back and loaded them up in preparation for my upcoming camping trip to the twisted sisters in the hill country. Super excited!
  8. KamelReds

    Crazy Iron Crash Cage/Bars

    Interested as well.
  9. I gave up on looking for fidelity. I rocked some IEMs for a while, but they really cut me off from my surroundings more than I like. Now I use a SENA and ear plugs, works well enough.
  10. Awesome! Great work. Excited to see how it turns out.
  11. KamelReds


    Doing a ride to the three sisters May 11-14. Camping at Kickapoo Caverns while there and doing that adventure thang. Have four guys already, six is max per site -- if you want in, pm me and well make it happen.
  12. KamelReds

    Oil pan install!

    You will also have to pull the exhaust to make it easier to remove the oil pan. I just did this a few days ago and it took me all of 45 minutes, including a stop for getting a beer and taking a smoke break.
  13. KamelReds

    Helmet issue

    Sounds like you have the right size, but not the right shape for your head. I had this happen recently with an Arai Signet-X. The helmet fit well, but at higher speeds it would lift. This was because I am on oval/intermediate oval and the Signet-X is a long-oval.
  14. After my 410mi ride on Saturday, 200 of which was in a downpour, Betty was looking pretty haggard. Cleaned up the chain and lubed it, cleaned up the exhaust, and gave her a good bath. I really gotta get my radiator guard on, I can't get it to look any cleaner than it is. :/
  15. Is the Signet-X? How's the noise compare to what you've ridden before? Ended up returning this helmet as I couldn't get it to fit right -- even though all the "specs" were correct for me. I tried on a small at a local shop (I bought a medium) and it still didn't fit properly. Picked up a Shoei X-14: The guy at my local shop said, "There are two types of high end helmet buyers -- Shoei and Arai. If one manufacturer fits you, the other will definitely not." Apparently I am a Shoei guy, because my RF1200 was amazing on my head and all the Arai's I tried on there, while comfortable, did not fit properly. This new X14 is awesome! Feels great and I have no lift, can even do head checks at 100+.

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