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  1. Have free + shipping, air box available. But if you going through the trouble to remove existing air box, would recommend installing the Hord air box. However requires PCV tune or reflash.
  2. Do yourself kits can be challenge and are not for everyone. Myself, after the cost and time for installing PCV and remapping for different mods and finally getting a reflash. I would just start with 2WDW’s flash as they offer free future reflashing for new mods, excluding shipping.
  3. Rhino, I am also a noob that enjoys track days. While 07 is design for more vert riding, I ride twisty and track-C mostly and find it challenging but have more control with a more horizontal position, having woodcraft 1.5" offsets in down position helps me keep my chest closer to the tank. I am 5-10 @190, but with your size on this small bike its probably a greater challenge. Personally I just need to keep practicing getting comfortable keeping as low to the tank as I can. Going to Sonoma raceway on Monday, it s a Yamaha only day with test bikes available hope to test ride a R1.
  4. elmo

    What bike would you like to test ride?

    Hoping to ride R1 in few weeks at Sonoma raceway Yamaha track day. As much as try to make my 07 track friendly, would be nice to ride bike designed to do so.
  5. If no interest in chasing added performance, as previously noted. If for commuting, yes bar end mirrors was my 1st mod, as all I could see was my shoulders. 2WDW ECU Re-Flash would be 2nd - smooths out the throttle choppiness Suspension could be 3rd - pending weight and style of riding. Lots of options, but stiffer springs, heavier oil and added preload adjusters is a good start point.
  6. If interested, and do your own wrenching its is minimal cost to test it out. JT Sprockets JTF1591.15 15-Tooth Steel Front $17.92 amazon. I also like the fact that its also increases the wheel base. Since I also raised the forks 5mm in triple clamp and extended my penske shock 5mm, and have woodcraft 1.5" bars in down position. My objective since I ride at the Sonoma and Thunderhill raceways is to transfer more load to front end, and tighten up a little between 2nd & 3rd and differently between 3rd and 4th gearing.
  7. Been thinking about changing to the 520 chain, but thought before doing so I would check out a 525 15T front setup first. Since it’s a cheap mod only $20 for sprocket, works with existing chain and extends the wheelbase. Went for a twisty Redwood Rd ride today and liked it. While not for the commuter or highway rider, but I do neither ride mostly twisty or trackdays.
  8. elmo

    R6 thottle tube

    Ride mostly track, tried the pro-motion 1/5th, but ended up and happy with R6 1/6th turn. Will need to add slack at throttle bodies for added tube diameter
  9. elmo

    FZ07 fits in shortbed

    My rack is the Black Widow with 600lbs rating, buying good chinch straps is critical. My ride is 03 Toyota tundra 4x with added air bladders for hauling lumber, and rides fine with bike carrier. If to want to feel how the rack would feel on your truck, drop the tailgate load 500lbs of sand or concrete bags on it and go for a ride. Photo- Loaded up my bike this evening for track day tomorrow. Added the magnetic directional/brake lamps on the ramp for added safety.
  10. elmo

    FZ07 fits in shortbed

    FYI- Had no issues with my hitch bike rack I do have rear air bladders to help carry the extra load.
  11. elmo

    ECU FLASH and Yoshimura R77

    Riding full Yoshi, Hord airbox, PCV with Hord map and loved it, but his winter sent ECU to Hord to reflash. Missed the engine braking initially, but it's still there and really prefer the flash roll off smoothness.
  12. Just bought used Corbin on the form, nice fit but looks bulky bought it for the rare 2up days. I am fine with the stock minimal seat as ride mostly twisties and track days, with balls of feet on the pegs and minimal weight on the seat. However, my rides are 50 miles or less. 1958 and enjoying my 07. .
  13. elmo

    Rattle noise?

    Did you measure the slack with the rear wheel elevated and in neutral? Stop by the local shop for their opinion, but you need to provide them more info. Occurs at certain or all speeds and gears. Smooth or bumpy road. Are you bottoming out the rear shock. Occurs under throttle or when backing off. Good Luck...
  14. elmo

    Rattle noise?

    I would bring back to the dealer. Check if you have correct chain slack.
  15. elmo

    WTB: (Black) Side frame covers

    FYI- For others who wanted to swap out the silver finish to black, just painted them. Used self-etching primer, black enamel spray paint, and low sheen clear top coat for added durability. 6 months later still looks good with no scratches. Since I working on the bike will also black out the lower silver piece.

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