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  1. I've never had an issue with chain lube fling on this bike. Are you lubing the chain when it's cold or warm? It should always be after a ride, when the chain is warm.
  2. stickshift

    Power Commander FC on 2017 FZ07

    The 02 sensor will likely be the issue if the connections isn't plugged in properly. The PCFC bypasses the stock 02 sensor, doesn't use it all (dynojet's '02 optimizer'). However if the connection is not making contact it will throw a check engine light/code. This won't affect performance at all as it's being bypassed. There's no way of telling what the issue is aside from a dealer reading what the error is. The good news is that (if you're using an appropriate fueling map) the bike will generally either run safely or not run at all.
  3. stickshift

    Higher idle then usual when hot

    It's perfect normal. When radiator water temperature reaches a critical high point (usually in hot air temperatures and at lower travel speeds) the ECU will inject more fuel to cool the cylinders, as a consequence rpm is raised. Very normal, it does this to assist engine cooling. In our hot Aussie summers we often see this on EFI bikes!
  4. Static sag and rider sag targets, you'll get the instructions with the shock. I tried a lighter spring (105 N/mm), it didn't work even for my light weight (155 lb kitted). Part of the issue is the limited shock travel - if you fit a lighter spring you run a higher risk of it bottoming on the bump stop (never a good thing). I'm very happy with the stx46 shock and the standard spring you get with it (115 N/mm). When you fit it make sure you adjust the sag correctly to get it within the recommended range. Get a friend to help and use a tape measure, it makes a big difference.
  5. I'm a similar weight, I tried different settings but ended up using the stock rebound setting (14 clicks). I needed less preload than stock to hit a reasonable sag number. The improvement to the stock shock is great.
  6. The bike in the dyno run video has their bolt on swingarm extensions.
  7. There's already been some discussion on the forum about Extreme Creation's turbo kit for the FZ/MT. This is a reputable Australian company that appears to have developed a fairly well thought out turbo option. I do like that a lot of it can be concealed behind fairings etc, and is not in your face. Yes, an MT09 may be a more cost effective option for similar performance, but bolting on a turbo (with minimal lag) is a pretty cool option in my opinion. No word on how engine longevity may be effected (if at all). Their swingarm extension is recommended to keep the front down... I'd like to see an independent ride review in future to hear about particular details. I may consider this kit in the future. A couple of videos:
  8. There will be a power commander map that will be suitable for your setup. I suggest removing the snorkel from your airbox (you can access this just by removing the rider's seat) and using the Yoshi R77 map for snorkel removed.
  9. stickshift

    Shock spring too soft, ideas?

    I'm 160 lb light and don't find the ohlins spring too stiff at all. It's no arm chair to ride but it's very plush. What's your rebound set at?
  10. Well it's obviously something to do with the PCV coil connections. Check that all plugs are connected properly (and that all wiring is intact), both at the coils, and the inline coil lead plugs. Inspect each plug to check that all pins are inserted properly, making metal-to-metal contact when connected. Lastly, check that the PCV connectors are plugged into the correct coil, they are specific to the left and right coils. Installation instructions here if you don't have them: http://www.powercommander.com/downloads/22-065/install/pcv/eng22-065.02.pdf
  11. stickshift

    mivv exhaust

    Yep. BS advertising, or error...
  12. stickshift

    M4 and Power Commander FC?

    Try using any map applicable to the K&N filter and aftermarket exhaust system. It won't be too far out and will work fine.
  13. Don't bother bleeding the original lines. Fit the stainless & don't look back.
  14. stickshift

    KTM Duke 790 Wow!

    Checked a 790 out at a dealer yesterday. Nice bike, though you can tell it's built to a price (just like the 07). Here in Australia, the 790's sticker price was around 60% greater than an MT07. That's a significant difference.
  15. With the right (Ohlins) tool it doesn't take too much effort on mine. Use a tool that doesn't slip. I would aim for the 30mm sag that Ohlins suggests. I found rebound at the suggested 14 clicks perfect for my weight (160lb).

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