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  1. tjeepdrv

    Black widow exhaust

    I want that blue tip, but it's been out of stock for weeks on their site now.
  2. I've got the Dart Manta. It makes a difference in the wind, but I can't compare it to the others.
  3. tjeepdrv

    What other bikes in your Garage?

    My brother's TTR125 is in my shop. I ride it around once in awhile. I want to get an R6 in the next year or two.
  4. tjeepdrv

    Texas Hill Country Ride

    I live near Austin and have barely ridden over the past month. Park Road 4 is my favorite though.
  5. I think I'm the only person that never noticed it.
  6. I want the new R6 BAD. I might get one next year. Of course, I'd keep the FZ-07 for the majority of riding, but I miss the pull of an I4 on occasion. Either that or find another FZ6 and put hard cases on it and make it a touring machine.
  7. tjeepdrv

    Star Venture

    It's got a lot of nice features. My dad and brother and other relatives ride big Harley's, so they'll probably go look at it, even though they wouldn't leave HD for probably anything. If I ever get a touring bike though, it will probably be a an FJ. I'm the odd one in the family when it comes to motorcycles.
  8. tjeepdrv

    Frame sliders. Yes or No?

    Ha! I've been doing that for years. I move between putting my feet on the sliders and putting my calf on them. There's a lot of positions for long trips.
  9. I use an OBD2 adapter on my car and love it as a custom digital dash using Torque Pro. Does that adapter let you use the normal Android apps? If so, I'll order one immediately.
  10. I put a Dart Manta on mine last week. It looks odd in pictures at certain angles, but looks great in person. It works great too.
  11. tjeepdrv

    What other bikes have you owned?

    05 Yamaha XT225 05 Yamaha FZ6 16 Yamaha FZ-07
  12. Mine turned blue before I drilled it.

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