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  1. Apparently you comment before you read. I said in quotation that my S1000R not RR was thick in the middle, that’s why it felt like riding a horse. That’s the reason I’ve had so few inline 4’s, and will likely never own one again. The electronic Öhlins worked very nicely, thank you. That’s nice you like wide inline 4’s, with your ass up, and head down, I don’t. I like thin, light, flickable bikes, horsepower means little to me, light and torqey is fun. Perhaps you think you are the only one that can ride a liter bike, but in my 44 years of riding I’ve had a few. Doubt that I’ll own another, for me they just aren’t as fun, a monkey can go fast in a straight line, I live for twisties. “Not everyone has this ability and will end up on a more impotent ride eventually.” Very interesting choice of words, that gives me a good idea of what you are like. I guess I’m just one of those “IMPOTENT” bike lovers. It’s funny that you ride an FZ-07 sometimes too, doesn’t that make you look “lMPOTENT”? Time for a ride, think I’ll go sportbike hunting on one of my “impotent” naked bikes. Have a nice day.
  2. I’m not surprised any supersport or superbike rider would switch to any FZ. Two summers ago I had in my garage a 2014 BMW S1000R (eas Öhlins, up and down quickshifter, c.c., etc.), a 2013 Duc Hypermotard 821, a 2014 KTM 1190 Adv, a 2010 Triumph Street Triple R, and a 2014 FZ-09. Today in the garage are 2 FZ’s, a 2017 FZ-09 and a 2016 FZ-07. They are far and away more fun (for me), aside from the Street Triple, and Hyper. Then add in the Japanese reliability, 24,600 mile valve adjust intervals, ease of maintenance, cost of parts and insurance, etc. I don’t think I’ll ever own another Duc (reliability, drivability issues). Anyway for me it comes down to fun. Was the S1000R quicker in the twisties, yes, on some roads, was it as fun, no way. Felt like riding a horse (thick in the middle), compared to the FZ’s. Even though it had torque everywhere like the FZ’s, it didn’t feel playful, just purposeful, never fun. And talk about overkill for the street. I do miss the quickshifter which made a sweet little burble from the exhaust when the ignition was cut during a shift, also the cruise control, and heated grips. So ya, I can see why anyone would want an FZ, especially after a test ride. As has been said before: it’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow. Where I live liter bikes seem to be like hardleyablesons, poser bikes with 2 inch chicken strips, although that’s not always the case.
  3. versysrider

    Oil consumption?

    I switched all my toys over years ago to rotella oils with no problems or oil usage of any kind. Used rotella t 15w 40 for the first change in the little FZ, then the t6 after that, and for all my other bikes that can use “Jason ma” rated synthetic oil ( for wet clutch ). It’s not the oil. Smart of you to make sure and document it to the dealership, hope you get it figured out.
  4. versysrider

    Selfmade Analog Cockpit

    Although I have no problem with the stock display, this is brilliant work Stev.
  5. If it were a Ducati yes, Yamaha no!
  6. I agree with rick, I halve a complete (straight)'front end for a 2012 Ninja 650 sitting around gathering dust and that was the method I used to check my triples on the damaged FZ I bought. My triples were both fine, and my stanchions were bent at a much greater angle. The forks should slide into the bottom and then the top triple without much fuss, or misalignment, to be a little clearer.
  7. Thanks. They also sold the R6-s for a few years which was basically the older YZF 600 carried over with RSU forks, which also used the same bearings as the FZ. Might just be a mistake in my notes, or on allballs site about the '05 using both of the same bearings as the FZ.
  8. All balls racing.com has a steering head bearing conversion chart. I wrote down some figures from their chart and my notes say that the 2001 - 2005 R 6 has the same bearing top and bottom as the FZ - 07 does. The 2006 - 20016 R 6 has a different size bottom bearing. Also from what I understand the R 6 steering stem needs to be lengthened a bit. If you do the front end swap, please do a complete write up with pics, and all the mods made to complete the swap. My notes show that bearing part numbers are: fz-07 top bearing 99-3518-5, bottom is 99-3519-5 2001 to 2005 R6, same top and bottom. 2006 to 20016 R6, same top bearing, bottom bearing is 99-3538 Hope that helps, I'd double check their site to make sure of the numbers though.
  9. versysrider

    R1 front suspension swap

    Nice, how about some pics.
  10. versysrider

    HOW TO: Fix sticky starter switch

    Had this happen on the FZ-09 once in the driveway. Luckily I quickly noticed that the start switch hadn't fully returned. Lubed it up, and the switch on the FZ-07, no problems since. As "pattonme" said totally unnecessary problem.
  11. versysrider

    Bangs into gear

    I find that pulling the clutch in with the bike in neutral, holding the clutch in then hitting the starter firing the bike up, then engaging 1st gear works much smoother.
  12. Wow, great work, thanks for the write up!
  13. Great job, looks factory. Some aluminum fat bars would really finish it off. Got a part number or something on the new speedo brackets? Did the brackets come as they look, black, with mounting holes and foam tape? Were they from a national chain of hardware stores?
  14. versysrider

    How To: GP Shift on the FZ-07

    OP: nice use of old sock for vice jaw protection. I always catch hell from friends for that kind of thing. Nothing works like an old cotton sock to soak up oil.
  15. It's very annoying when someone posts a build thread then are never heard from again, happens far too often. When I've posted a build, I posted after completion, and mine was completed in 4 months. The OP had an interesting vision, relatively simple too, just got to be committed to cut a frame. I never understood the now common theme of putting knobbies on a street bike, something like Avon Distanzia's would make much more sense.

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