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  1. seems like really good mileage, you must be very gentle with the throttle
  2. How does everyone get such good mileage. I get about 35mpg. starts flashing at about 118 miles Full akra carbon, 2wdw flash, DNA fliter always premium gas. Before the flash i was getting about 45 mpg ~aggressive rider in NYC
  3. Have a picture of your setup? im hoping to fit a ram mount somewhere
  4. chrisburges

    dna stage 2 cover?

    I suppose I should have elaborated on that some more...I meant for the price they're asking to actual benefit to performance I see it as a 'gimmick'. Gimmick was probably the wrong choice of words there. Yeah I saw that post of your project very cool! Looked like it was fun to do. I would have taken your route as well. I also love every aspect of the research etc involved in making stuff. Most of my life Ive done countless art projects, sculpting molding casting wood metal feathers you name it, anything really to get the desired finished product, its an extremely satisfying process for me. For the bike I made some DRL / turn signals which are resin cabochon domes with red yamaha symbols to replace the logos on the scoops. Some of these guys here with their machining skills though...man I, however do not have any of those machining or crafts skills and prefer to buy the next best bet. maybe ill just put some type of fasteners on the 4 screws that would hold down the filter
  5. chrisburges

    dna stage 2 cover?

    Exactly what I'm saying. Doesn't look like there is a way to screw in the DNA. Just sits in there. And my bike didn't come with the stock cover or anything. The mwr filter looks like it might stay in better without a cover. May consider that for a bit more so I can save on not getting the cover. Thoughts?
  6. chrisburges

    dna stage 2 cover?

    and which air filter do you have? i bought the 2wdw flash and gotta send it in by march 1st, so i gotta change from stock airfilter now, becuase i dont want to pay for shipping twice
  7. last year i bought the 2016 used from a dealer with 1800 miles for 6000, with akra carbon, sliders and windscreen. try to find a steal
  8. chrisburges

    dna stage 2 cover?

    im asking because i dont want to buy a 90 cover piece if i dont need to
  9. necessary to keep the stage 1 filter from coming out? bought my bike used without a snorkel

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