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  1. r1limited


    none, the problem I see pinning it, if the bike tips over the lever will bend, but it wont snap the mount/controls as it will move instead pf being locked. That is just my experiance
  2. r1limited


    Dont drill holes, snip and file down the knobs, this allows you to at minimum move the levers to fit your ergo needs
  3. I would like to see the aftermath fz07 pics of this so called 80 mph I almost died lol bike. So another words you fell off in the drive way at 8mph
  4. The issue is the powa comando installed. little known fact if the invertfrontbrake option is >.0991903475 then the rpm manager will engage to front calwipers in a emergancy. Its called ESD@80OFWFNAROTSH or "Emergancy Stop DAWG @ 80 On Free Way For No Apparent Reason Other Than shet Happens" Ya to much yanker chain on the down draft of the organdoner
  5. windex and a hair drier is your freind.
  6. I am never wrong and I will argue that point too Maybe a heavier vinyl sticker. An idea if you can find it is carbon fiber style sticker. Use a hair drier to mold it around the round. Hint Windex makes sticker placement easy
  7. That is the airbox AIR CLEANER CASE ASSY 1WS-14401-00-00 62$ at Bike bandit put a sticker over it
  8. One time I was like hammerin it and did a weele at 110 in 1st N da forks fell off. I grabed them wiff my left hand stuffed em back in the triples and spit my gum out and glued em back on. I swears it happened it was a bulltaco
  9. It never happened, I call bull chit
  10. r1limited

    Fork spacer for more preload?

    I like old school, PVC would be a choice, so would nylon spacers. Back in the day when 3 inches of travel was like OMG the shet, stuffing a few washers in at the track was the norm.
  11. I recall once ... hold up a minute until I remember
  12. I run wesson synth with a #50 chain from a trek mt bike and a 46 inch shop fan strapped to my back (I converted the 12 volt thingamajob under the seat to run the fan connecting that to a voltage bringer upper thingy. I can now do 0-60 on my FZ in 1.1 I plan on doin stunts

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