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  1. jhonore

    2015 Yamaha Fz07 inland empire Ca

    Price drop to $4500
  2. jhonore

    2015 Yamaha Fz07 inland empire Ca

    No I haven’t yet.
  3. jhonore

    2015 Yamaha Fz07 inland empire Ca

    Had to screen shot pictures, originals too big.
  4. I have a 2015 Yamaha FZ07 for sale. Looking at $5400 OBO. It has 13817, mostly highway miles, I use it to commute to work. Tags good until June 2018. It was involved in a cosmetic only accident back in October 2017, clean title. All inspections and repairs were done through Malcom Smith Motorsports, through my insurance. Upgraded rear plastics to the 2017 painted plastics. Upgrades are complete set of sliders by tst industries $200, frame swing arm fork and barend, I can vouche that they work great. Tst flush turn signals and smoked rear led taillight $120 Tst industries fender eliminater and led plate light $80. Black widow full exhaust system $600, sounds so good. Renthal ultralow bar $60, to add more of an aggressive ride. Black shorty levers and flyscreen with fz07 logo $60. Crg barend lanesplitter mirrors $160. I have a led headlight that I haven't put in yet, gonna get to it eventually. Brand new rear tire, like literally as of today 2 miles on it. I have all stocks parts for bike that are included along with the next oil for the oil change. I love this bike, I would keep it but don't need two bikes. Call or preferably text for any questions 9five1-2six3-8five1seven
  5. Hjc Rpha 11 pro Spider-Man graphic is on closeout $600 to $379 https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/hjc-rpha-11-pro-spiderman-helmet I'm waiting for the venom to go on closeout.
  6. That airmada helmet. How old is it? Can we get a picture.
  7. Definitely wait on the oil change. Wouldn't it be better to empty the tank and fill it up with clean new gas when you get back?
  8. True. Just google the price from a different website first. Plus no taxes when you buy either. Which is also good. Do research before purchasing. Thanks for the info.
  9. https://www.revzilla.com/2017-summer-sale?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=July_2017_Deals_and_New_Gear&utm_term=7UEW35fLm-Y Had to post this for everyone. They will be rotating products for the next couple of weeks. Even crg mirrors are 20% off. Get them while they are hot. Your welcome.
  10. Found this XSR ABARTH.
  11. jhonore

    Tar Snakes...

    Consistence throttle, don't increase or decrease speed. Less likely to lose traction.
  12. Thanks, I'm no expert with a spray can myself but I just did it in the middle of winter so I had plenty of time to be a little meticulous about it. I had taken everything off with the intention of getting them powdercoated but I couldn't get all the plastic and rubber bits off for the baking process without worrying about damaging them. Plus the visible plastic piece of the frame cover wouldn't match afterwards. So I figured I'd give painting a shot and just sandblast it back off and go ahead with the powdercoating if I wasn't happy with the results. I might end up re-doing it every few years, but that'll only cost maybe $10 and give me something to do during the winter. When I did mine, it was really easy. Watch vids on YouTube about spraying with a can. I recommend doing light coats, until you have full coverage. At least 4 to 5 coats should do the trick, more is always better.
  13. Whatever the recommend oil is they should use. Ask the dealer to change it if it isn't the correct oil.
  14. If your willing to powder coat them you might as well just buy them in black from the dealer, unless you meant a different color then powder coating would hold up well. The highlighter yellow comes with them stock. The mate black would match the rest of the bike better anyways. Probably around the same price too
  15. Mine are still holding up well after a few weeks, roughly 500miles.

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