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    Latest DIY project I did to my bike ; Inverted LCD
  2. No you can't. It'll turn totally black.
  3. In bright daylight it looks like this. Still easy to read while riding. I can read the clock no problem under any conditions. If your speedometer is still in it's original place at the handle bar, you'll have no problem at all. At night it perfom the best. The speedometer is no longer too bright to the eyes when riding in a totally dark places. Before, I had to reduce the brightness to level 1 if I'm going to ride to rural places where you rarely find road lights.
  4. There's an old trick called reverse polarize. You can google it and there's a lot of people shared tutorials on how to do it. The most tricky part of doing this is removing the old polarizer film. The glue is so strong and it takes me almost an hour to peel it of with a razor blade. Had to be very careful as I don't want to crack the thin glass panel of the speedometer. Also I had to clean the glue residue leaved behind by the old polarizer film. Applying new film is a matter of aligning it up so that the display turns negative.
  5. Today, I did this to my speedometer. Inspired by the MT09SP's speedometer.
  6. I really² wished that they did the quad projector one. But still, I kinda like how the 2018 model looks with the ol' MT09 headlamp. I wonder if it will looks weird to swap the new headlamp into the old MT/FZ07.
  7. nk3371

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    https://preview.ibb.co/fGdrvQ/P_20170801_161819.jpg' alt='P_20170801_161819.jpg'> Choose this over PCV because it was cheaper. I did not plan to install those plug in modules they offered with those PCV. And I choose this over EJK because it still use stock O2 sensor. Lame excuse I guess. Hahaha.. Dyno run coming up next on the list.
  8. nk3371

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    Thank you. Quite a fuss for me to order it from them, as they did not do any direct shipping to my country. Lucky for me I had a sister currently studying at UK, so I had it shipped to her before she shipped it again to me here in Malaysia. It's well worth all the effort when I see it glows for the first time. Photos from last night's short ride, after it was parked for almost 2 weeks.
  9. nk3371

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    https://preview.ibb.co/esePCv/P_20170709_120822_v_HDR_On_01.jpg' alt='P_20170709_120822_v_HDR_On_01.jpg'> Latest look of my bike with TST Industries integrated tail light. I also removed the rear fender and relocated the speedometer. Next is to change the handle bar to something a bit lower, or perhaps Woodcraft's one.
  10. Look interesting. Can't wait for the cardboard version.
  11. Great work! It gives me some idea to do mine. Thanks for sharing, buddy.

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