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  1. Mythbusters debunked the cell phones causing spark/fires at gas stations https://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters/videos/cell-phone-gas-station-minimyth
  2. rjg

    Oil data info, got any?

    The best place for real data that I've found (i.e. lab oil analysis report results) is https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/ and go to the forums section. There is a dedicated motorcycles forum. Take your time and look through the virgin oil analysis and used oil analysis lab reports.
  3. rjg

    Trying something a bit different

    Looks cool. Imho, the stock seat shape and rear end are the things I dislike most on the FZ07. Can you trim off a couple inches of seat width to match the sleeker tail?
  4. The seat shape is looking more comfortable
  5. It's my daily driver work commuter; rain or shine, all year. We get mostly shine and very little rain in Phoenix.
  6. maybe if I beef up the padding at the front low point it would help
  7. The Seat is Great for me on the highway where I position myself rearward Even on long rides. however when I'm at a stoplight, I find myself pushed forward and downward with pants pulling tight on los huevos . It is an annoyance but not a deal breaker (maybe a ball breaker!). Just have to shift around a bit. It seams to be the angle, super wide rear, low narrow front , at least for me.
  8. Love the bike but hate the shape of the seat! It's kind of like that seat was made for the Flying Butt Pliers guy from Ren and Stimpy Classics:
  9. rjg

    Oil consumption?

    Specifically was this the older Rotella T 15w40 or the new version Rotella T4 15w40? There is also a T5 15w40 but is semi-synth I think. If it was T4, was it the newer CK-4 or older CJ-4 spec? That oil should not shear to the point of being watery after only a few hundred miles as far as I know. The Rotella T6, on the other hand, is reported to shear pretty badly in our wet-clutch bikes (see bob-is-the-oil-guy forums). Perhaps you are getting fuel in the oil.
  10. followed the instructions on this forum on how to adjust the headlight beam. Mine was about a foot too low when measuring the top of the beam to 36 inches from 25 feet. I'm starting to wonder if they set up the FZ-07s headlight beam really low at the factory to account for sag because they think that all of us weigh 400 lbs or something... Anyway, it's much better now for my early morning commute.
  11. I commute daily with my motorcycle year round. Last year was a Honda but this year I have the FZ-07. In December and January it sometimes gets into the mid-thirties in the early morning when I leave for work. But it rarely goes below freezing here.
  12. Which oil viscosity do fellow FZ-07 owners use in Phoenix, AZ? According to the chart in our owner's manual, it would be reasonable to assume that in a climate like Phoenix, AZ we should use: 15W-40 in winter 20W-50 in summer Does anyone do this? I want to try the Rotella T6 but 5W-40 doesn't really match up on the chart with our climate here. Sorry for another oil thread...
  13. Well, this was a great deal.... if you own a Honda Gold Wing. But it turns out these are about 2x thick and outer diameter is bigger compared to the FZ-07 OEM washer. They fit fine (M14) but I decided not to use them for now. This was my first oil change. What's the old saying? Buy cheap, buy twice! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Pack-of-50-Standard-Oil-Drain-Plug-Crush-Washer-Gasket-For-Honda-94109-14000/732344067
  14. Received my order of 50 oil drain plug crush washers from Walmart online - ready for oil changes ($8.99 shipped).

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