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  1. tripfitmoto

    WTB FZ07 for sale in Midwest

    I'm selling one in Indiana. Bike is in Lafayette, Indiana to be specific. 2015, with 4300 miles. White stock fairings, never dropped but plan was to change the plastics to silver so I have an extra set of silver plastics. Mods/aftermarket accessories: Frame and axle sliders, full stainless Yoshi pipe, and Yoshi fender eliminator. Over $1000 in cost there. I bought an ecu flash from 2wmw but didn't have time this winter to send them my ecu. I'm thinking it's paid for so they may be able to transfer the service to the next buyer. I think I paid close to $300 for the service. I'm wanting $5500 cash and I'm firm on that price. I'm moving to a new city soon for a job and can't take her with me. I'm not in a rush to sell because it's just being stored at my dad's garage at the moment. I'll take $5400 without the extra silver fairings. PM if you're interested.
  2. It's a naked bike so this screen wasn't designed for function by Yamaha. And the small screens do not block much wind anyway unlike the touring screens. I''m surprised other vendors haven't tried to copy Yamaha's design of the small screen, because most of the small screens are butt ugly (especially the puig one).
  3. Even with all these options, Yamaha's small ws looks the best in my opinion from a cosmetic stand point. It's just too bad I can't justify buying it at that price...
  4. tripfitmoto

    OEM Belly Pan

    The only reason I looked into it was because I wanted to do some track days and the track near me wants you have a belly pan in the rare event you're leaking oil. However, most tracks don't care if you have a pan. If I do end up buying a belly plan, I'll probably go for the ermax. I think it looks the best and matches the scoops and look of the bike. I could see why you'd want to protect your oil filter from rocks but worst case, you'll realize it's damaged and get a new oil change. And there are reasonably priced radiator guards out there now that should protect against rocks.
  5. tripfitmoto

    OEM Belly Pan

    The ermax belly pan is very similar and will cost you $100 less, even if you want it painted.
  6. tripfitmoto

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    Are there any gains to adding a k&n air filter vs the stock filter, both without a snorkel on? I plan on getting the ecu flash, I have a full Yoshi pipe installed. Before I send in my ecu, I'm just wondering if I should change up the air filter too.
  7. Just purchased. Thanks for attaching the form, I'll send it out Monday.
  8. Thanks for the quick response. Im going to take advantage of your Black Friday deal and order the flash ECU tonight. Is there a custom map difference between the r77 race (stainless) vs. r77 cabon?
  9. What all have you modified with ECU reflash? I'm getting a custom map for the full r77 with the DB killer on but not sure on the following.... Removal of speed limiter or restrictions on the 2015 fz 07? Lower fan temperatures (what temps?)? Fuel cut removal and engine breaking?
  10. tripfitmoto

    Need help identifying missing parts

    Good to know this isn't a critical part, thanks.
  11. tripfitmoto

    Need help identifying missing parts

    Here is what my bike looks like. The drain tubes normally stay outside the chain cover. And the part in the above picture is missing.
  12. Please see images. My bike is missing the part above the engine case. What is this part and what are it's functions? I believe it has to do with the throttle body adjustment, is that correct? My bike still has the tubes and they are connected to an area close to the gas tank.

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