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  1. Congrats to Darren James and Ruthless Racing on 3rd place and his first podium on the fz07r in the Twin Cup at Sonoma Raceway!
  2. I had one of those usb converters that's the same as the motopower one mentioned previously. I had it connected to the 12v aux power under the rectifier. It worked well until it didnt. Then, I cut it open and took a look at the guts of it. There was a gaping burnt hole in the chip that indicated it had let the smoke out. The aux power has a 20 amp fuse if I recall so I didn't attach the inline fuse from the kit. I'll try another one with the inline fuse soon to see if its just cheap Chinese components or something in my setup. I did find similar bare usb converter pcb's for $1.99 from china. Supposedly, Its just too cheap to design a better one.
  3. I've always dreamed of how the 7 would sound with a head and valve job, and a turbo kit. That video gave my bike the shivers.
  4. Nailed it! Fairly new RS2 but I should be able to get it patched and plugged next week. I'm grateful I made it home without losing air because I have yet to carry a plug kit on the bike.
  5. My HID headlight bulb burnt out while going 80 on a dark country road. Puckered me up real quick. Luckily I was a half mile from home and had a little moonlight to light the rest of my way. Ordered 2 bulbs so I can keep a spare stashed on the bike. Its always something
  6. I just took a test ride after installing the new chain and sprockets. I love that new chain feeling. PSA: Replace your chain guide when it's worn because I didn't and had to paint a few spots on the swing arm. Next on the agenda, buy some new rubber.
  7. After getting only 9 months of riding out of an aluminum sprocket, I'm going back to steel...and aluminum. I'm just waiting on the rivet master link. https://www.2wheel.com/supersprox-stealth-rear-sprockets.html https://www.2wheel.com/supersprox-front-sprockets.html https://www.2wheel.com/d.i.d-520-pro-street-vx2-series-x-ring-chain.html
  8. Controller and battery looks a bit obtrusive still. I'd rather it work for 2 hours and be unnoticeable than havin that block stuck to the side of my helmet. Also there is a relatively short lifespan on the light tape and EL wire which are not covered by their warranty. Laser wire is a more efficient and brighter system but the laser module is still not scaled down to my liking for mounting on a helmet. The pros of that system is that if it stops working, you only need to replace the laser module instead of replacing the wire. Seriously my biggest issue is lightmode is ripping people off. You can buy the components for El wire or tape system for 1/4 of the price of the lightmode system and put it all together with very little electronics knowledge.
  9. superfishal

    EJK check engine no codes

    Same happened to me with same exact setup on my 2015 and I talked to dobeck customer service and they never got back to me with a solution(possibly because I'm in California and the ejk is not exactly road legal in this state) so I switched to the power commander. It's not perfect but got me power gains where I wanted them ( 1st gear slow speeds is a little jerky but manageable). I don't know if it was a faulty ejk or what but at least now I know I wasn't the only one with that issue. Good luck solving the problem.
  10. superfishal

    My dash got stolen.

    It's a friggin backlit lcd. Antiquated technology by now. It would be more profitable to steal something with an oled or tft screen. If a thief was smart though he would probably have a job. Good luck tracing out the wires to the new connector.
  11. I finished installing the bonamici rearsets and tested them out. I wasn't expecting how much better it feels to shift. It shifts crisp, clean and feels like it shifts quicker but I still have issues finding N sometimes. I'm impressed with the quality and fit. The shifter pivot is reversed to the front of your foot which makes it really easy to switch to gp shifting setup without cutting into the silver side cover. The brake doesn't feel much different than stock other than getting used to a smaller toepeg. I did change the brake switch to an inline switch and it works great. The position is still quite comfortable for me and even seems to encourage my knees to grip the tank better.
  12. After stripping threads on the shifter side while trying to install bonamici adjustable rearsets, I learned how to use a heli-coil repair kit. I also neglected to read the fine print that the stock brake light switch would not work with this set up so I ordered an in line one and ill install that tomorrow and bleed the rear brake line. I should be back on the road Tuesday to test and make final adjustment to toe peg and foot peg placements.
  13. Dyno and Power commander will not match the ECU flash. There are parameters that the Power Commander just does not adjust. That's true. Personally, I wouldn't send an ecu out to be flashed. I could have paid an extra $400 for the ecu programming from the dyno shop and I would have gotten the best tune possible, but I am not rich and not racing so it didn't matter that much to me. I just wanted it to run good for a long time. There are environmental variables that need to be accounted for when tuning such as altitude and temperature. Thats why i didnt trust dobecks recommended settings. They are in Montana and I'm in California. Very different altitudes and temperatures. The dyno shop I took my bike to hadnt done a dyno run for over a month because it had been cold and raining and they only tune on the warm but not too hot days. If you want a race level tune, take your bike to a local dyno shop that will program your ecu right for the environment closest to your average riding conditions. Itll cost you but so will a poor tuning down the road. I'm not saying 2 wheel dyno works isn't great because I've heard from many satisfied riders on here but there is an even better option out there if that's what you are looking for.
  14. The ejk caused my check engine light to come on for an instant under light throttle. I called their customer service and talked to them but they never got back to me with a solution. I ended up switching to a power commander pcV and got it dyno tuned. It runs great now with no issues. About a 3 hp increase from the ejk tuner with their recommended settings. The pcV isn't a tune on the fly device but it allows for tuning the ignition as well as fueling and programmed with multiple maps that can be switched (switch sold separately). After talking to the local race shop, Im now of the opinion that a professional tune is the way to go for performance and longevity.

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