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  1. Ouch! That sounds bad. Glad you were o.k. I hate being a biatch about it because it's such a fun hobby... other drivers suck. Be safe out there.
  2. Dude, I know. But I needed $ for a down payment on a Harley....KIDDING! Real reason is that i've reached my limit in sharing the road with distracted and impatient drivers. I ride about as defensively as one can and I still have non-stop near misses. I know I'm not the only one, but it's enough for me. Sucks.
  3. Sold the bike today... instantly sad and have a void in my heart now. Seller's remorse is coming.
  4. Put full coverage back on it now that we are finally creeping out of cold temps and into consistent 60 degree plus weather. The one nice thing about not riding for 6 months out of the year is that you get that excited feeling when you get to pull it back out...almost like bringing the bike home for the first time.
  5. These are nice... https://www.harborfreight.com/9-1-2-half-inch-magnetic-parts-tray-with-hood-97801.html
  6. Yep, they are good stuff. Got the smoked lens light and the relay last year and love it. Went with Motodynamics fender eliminator though because I didn't care for TST's design and their light.
  7. jbone

    Frame Sliders or Not?

    At high speed your bike is pry going to FUBAR anyway...I threw them on mine to help my cause for slower speed oopsies.
  8. Other than using a horn to alert a car sitting at a green light, I find them to be almost useless. What are they really accomplishing for us? Sure, we can honk at someone for pulling in front of us but the damage has already been done.
  9. As long as you aren't Gilbert Grape's mom, I'm sure the stand will be aight.
  10. jbone


    Since you are so concerned with your rep, i'll like your post
  11. jbone

    Motorcycle maintenance

    My manual (2016) breaks down maintenance intervals at 600, 4k, 8k, 12k,16k and 20k miles. The manual on Yamaha's website lists the same.
  12. I don't love it, but I also don't hate it either. It's unique and it looks quite comfy.
  13. Gravel as in like small gravel stones from a dirt parking lot.... or you know the stones that get down inside your shoe and piss you off? That stuff.
  14. Yeah, I think they opened their new shop in early spring. Super nice. I bought my FZ from them at their old shop. I told the sales guy the same thing about having 0 miles and not going far. If it wasn't for finding the gravel above the clutch cover, I could have believed it was just tipped over. The whole left grip / hand guard was loose too. I think they would have to replace all the damaged pieces and give me a much sweeter deal for me to seriously consider it.
  15. Zeigler in Kzoo. It's odd cuz I see no damage to the bar ends / hand guards, engine / clutch covers. Only other evidence I can see is a small scuff to the black plastic fairing below the front turn signal and a small amount of gravel on top of the clutch cover where it meets the clutch cable. Tell tale evidence that shows it went down but it's hard to say how bad. I'm not sure if they replaced some plastic and just overlooked the bar issue or what. I may just wait until next season when they start discounting the 2016's.

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