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  1. Suspension upgrade by far.... Bitubo fork cartridges and XXF11 rear.
  2. hugson2wheels

    Bent rim... Wheels for the FZ-07?

    Anyone know if an R6 rear will fit on our fz-07?
  3. hugson2wheels

    Got Hit

    I'm sorry to hear that. get well soon. Thankfully there were Witnesses
  4. hugson2wheels

    Bent rim... Wheels for the FZ-07?

    Does anyone have any links or info on aftermarket wheels that would fit our bike? I'm open to any kind of material be it magnesium or carbon fiber or aluminum Thanks
  5. Heya gang... I recently bent my rear wheel only on one side from a pothole during a medium speed turn. I'm not loosing any air and I was able to repair it with a mallet. Two questions please... I'm thinking of replacing the rim but I would like to replace it with a different color (red). Does anyone make wheels for the FZ-07? Or does any other model yamaha wheel fit on the FZ-07 (as in, being able to swap the sprocket and brake disk onto another yamaha's rim) Secondly. Should I just keep the original rim I repaired? I was able to get it back to 90% and never lost air. Thanks!
  6. hugson2wheels

    Looking for better sounding exhaust

    I run the same. Akrapovic titanium exhaust no baffle but with an ECU tune. I think it's loud as hell! I had my woman ride my bike so I can hear it and it's definitely loud even from third person perspective. Sounds sick though! Not to mention downshifting for a high speed turn and listening to that rumble as you go down from sixth gear to fourth. Music to my ears
  7. Add a hundred pounds of chrome and you'll get those numbers back haha!
  8. Lmao nice one!!!! And well said! Pretty much summed it up for me. Unfortunately many HD people are kinda douchey. Ironically an fz-07 with full exhaust does not sound like a typical sport bike (granted it's a two cylinder) and they seem confused at times. But I give anything on two wheels two fingers to the ground.... Especially little kids on bikes they get all excited and stuff... positive energy.
  9. hugson2wheels

    Share your roads of love

    Absolutely gorgeous! Reminds me of Tyrol
  10. hugson2wheels

    Stock ECU dilemma, Akra Titanium Exhaust

    These bikes run super lean from factory. I wouldn't run to long without a tune if you have full exhaust and free flowing filter. Your bike will be running even more lean after those two mods. I have the same exhaust as you and MWR filter with filter cover (stock snorkel and cover removed). IMO the factory software kinda sucks in general.... Super lean, fuel cut off on deceleration, radiator fan kicks on a bit late for my liking and throttle response in first and second gear feels a bit dry and choppy. Even if my bike was bone stock I would still flash the ECU. Just to smooth it out and get rid of the lean condition and massive engine breaking (fuel cutoff on decel). Engine breaking is necessary but for me it's s bit much from factory. Although the popping and burbling on deceleration sounds nice ?
  11. hugson2wheels

    New guy from San Antonio, TX area

    Haha.... Awesome! Welcome and enjoy your new bike. The fz-07 definitely has character!
  12. hugson2wheels

    Ear Peace Ear Plugs Review

    Thanks for this... Been looking for something exactly like this!
  13. Nope.... He's probably super busy with work since it's that time of year. He also has a racing team that's still kinda new so I'm sure he has his hands full.
  14. hugson2wheels

    These Damn Neon Wheels

    Heh... Nice! You're kidding right? This made me chuckle.
  15. Any time Paul. Hope they sponsor your team! I'm usually busy as hell. But I just had to write something. The best mod I've done by far for this bike. Honestly feels like a new bike. Worlds better. Coupled with my steal brake lines, double H brake pads, intake, exhaust and tune... my little fz-07 project is finally done! And boy it feels F-ing awesome! It was worth the wait. Can't wait to ride it more! I gotta take some pics because the red accents on the shock and cartridges looks killer on my black bike. Cheers!

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