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  1. You just need some frame sliders and then front and rear axle sliders. That should protect the majority of your bike from a tip over. If you click the revzilla ad at the top of the forum page, it will take you directly to the FZ-07 compliant parts and on the left side you can select to filter for frame and axle sliders and you should then have all of the available options to choose from. They are simple to install yourself and there are a number of youtube videos that will detail how.
  2. alexlj92

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    True, that is why I said conceded any premature regulatory death in the name of climate change in my original reply. I am in energy banking so that is where I have drawn my information from. Oil properties may not be a good investment currently considering where prices are compared to 4 years ago and the high multiples they currently go for, but the global reserves that are able to be harvested have materially increased since 1980. (although been flat/ slightly decreasing the 3 years through 2014). Demand may outpace in the future but currently the demand/production equilibrium is keeping prices well below their highs before the innovation surrounding fracking and multi-directional drilling the past few years. There always seems to be a scare regarding finite resources that doesn't account for human innovation and it usually comes from these "all else equal if this trend continues..." type projection models. I mean based on some 80's climate models nitrogen and other flakes from fossil fuel use emissions should've blocked out the sun creating a new ice age by now. Or other models said we should be out of fossil fuels by now and the earth considerably more warm to the tune of massive population death. We will eventually run out, but the date is entirely uncertain and with innovation I will not be surprised if the market is able to make it a smooth transition if regulators can keep themselves from getting involved and mucking it up. But I apologize for hijacking the thread and will end it here.
  3. alexlj92

    FZ 07 or Street Triple

    I have been looking through the triumphrat forums as I have been considering a Thruxton R and they just fired their USA Chief. There are a number of threads about dealers having an undue burden placed on them by triumph in order to be a dealer compared to other manufacturers. Many, it seems, decide that triumph is just asking too much for it to be worth it for them to continue to deal with their brand and forego it for other manufacturers models. Take a look at Atlanta. Triumph USA head quarters is based south of the city near the airport but there is only 1 dealer within 40 miles of the city with the closest being ~25 miles out. It is kind of baffling to me.
  4. alexlj92

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    Luckily oil reserves have been growing since 1980 as oil previously thought impossible to produce from the ground has become within reach with new drilling and fracking techniques. We should have petrol engines for quite awhile barring any premature regulatory mandated cessation of their use on public streets.
  5. Are you able to open the pipe to replace the packing? If so I would think you could use some of the techniques on youtube to patch the hole from the inside with carbon fiber and then just apply a coat of epoxy to the outside in order to maintain that gloss finish. Of note, I have never worked with the material before, but if the hole isn't that large and is on the bottom, trying to fix it from the inside will hide any beginner mistakes and all you have to do is replace the packing (which I would assume would fit around any extra material you add to fix it and bring some sound deadening back into the pipe like it was new). Then a quick dab of clear epoxy on the outside and I don't think anyone would be able to tell without taking it off and looking closely.
  6. alexlj92

    New m4 full system

    Nevermind Beemer you are correct. I contacted them and they said it doe snot include one and the stage 2 is the only one that fits.
  7. alexlj92

    New m4 full system

    Beemer - I think they are saying they have an additional insert. It comes with a stage 1 DB killer but they offer a stage 2 that reduces sound even more, similar with the current slip on version.
  8. I have not used the 30K to communicate, but it works fantastically for Music and GPS.
  9. Paid $3.21 for non-ethanol 87 today for the car. I typically put 93 in it since it gets a little more HP with it tuned for 93, but wanted to try the non-ethanol and see how my mileage would be affected. The non-ethanol 87 ended up being around the same as upt to 10% ethanol 93. Will be putting non-ethanol 90 in the bike tomorrow to see the effect. One station in the middle of Atlanta is listed as having it and Ill be over that way so I figure why not.
  10. alexlj92

    Nooby Chain lube questions

    Well that explains the grime I get on mine. I have neglected to wipe the excess off the past few times.
  11. I think for black you may need to swap the tail pieces as well as the black FZ's have a gloss black painted tail as well.
  12. alexlj92

    2019 Indian FTR1200

    There is a rev zilla article about it. Indian is giving one away. I entered (why not?). The terms for the giveaway dictate that the prize is worth $15,000, so I guess that gives you a base number price-wise to run with. https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/indian-confirms-ftr1200-production-model-coming-in-2019
  13. alexlj92

    2019 Indian FTR1200

    I assume they would add another front brake, and a nice huge catalytic converter, blinkers, lights etc. It will probably look considerably different with everything to make it street legal.
  14. Installed late last night the K-tech shock I got from pattonme. Will test it out today to experience the difference and make adjustments. Looking forward to getting the Matris kit from him as well to fix the front!

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