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  1. rossco

    SENA 30K?

    30k is overkill for most ppl 20s is for sure the best bang for your buck and will be for a very long time.
  2. rossco

    Rotella it is...

    I know a lot of people using Rotella. just because it says Diesel it scares a ton of people away. lots of R1 users even use it for racing.
  3. Can anyone tell me the size of socket I need for the front sprocket? EDIT. YAMAHA FZ-07 FRONT SPROCKET NUT IS 30MM, REAR SPROCKET NUT IS 27 MM.
  4. rossco

    New helmet lots of wind noise

    first the vents right behind the ears I used to cover with tape and it would cut the wind noise. this was on the Bell Vortex which is close to what you have.
  5. why did you have to drill anything? I did no drilling..
  6. Patched my tire. No need to buy new.. Metz roadtec 01 hosting photo
  7. ^ lol! What do you mean, what do I mean? The thread is "What did you do to your Yamaha FZ-07 today?" , not what did you do on your FZ-07 today so I'm wondering what you did to your bike. You haven't said anything about what you've done to your bike. Maybe you misread the title??? IDK. Nice pics btw! Oh I put miles on my bike I got my bike a ticket. I wore out my bikes tires also. I put gas in my bike.
  8. What did you do to your bike? what do you mean?
  9. 30mph over.. and I was most likely doing more. stupid Canadian model bikes can't change to MPH but US models can.. retarded. cop took almost 10 mins to catch up but was super nice about it all.
  10. A Real FZ lover would do both and make sure both done right. making excuses means you already made up your mind...
  11. New day new adventure.. this time to Diablo Dam WA. 600km and a very hefty speeding ticket .. (over 300$usd) that's about 450 candiano pesos photo hosting site free
  12. Went riding about 800km Seattle and then Cache Creek in BC
  13. more adventures late night at the docks

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